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I Was in a Auto Accident: What Do I Do?

Every year, approximately six million car accidents take place in the United States. The majority of them only involve damage to the vehicle and property as opposed to drivers, passengers or pedestrians. 

Every year, approximately six million auto accidents take place in the United States. The majority of them only involve damage to the vehicle and property as opposed to drivers, passengers or pedestrians. However, sometimes people are injured as a result of an automobile accident, and other times accidents end in fatalities.

If you are involved in a car accident, there are a number of things that you will need to do, and one of the most important is to contact a personal injury attorney like Christopher Jackson.

Don't Leave the Scene

Some people panic after an accident and flee. Regardless of whether or not you were at fault, never leave the scene of an accident, even if it appears to be minor. Also, leaving the scene can be a criminal offense.

Call the Police

When a personal injury lawyer is investigating your case, they will need police reports detailing the scene of the accident as well as witness statements. You will also need a police report when you are making an insurance claim for damage to your vehicle. Even if the vehicles involved in the accident are obstructing traffic, they should remain where they are until the police arrive.

Detail the Events

Make a detailed and accurate record of how the accident occurred. Don't leave a stone unturned. You will need this information to give to the police when they arrive. If there are certain things that you cannot remember, or that you do not know, say so. Refrain from speculating or misrepresenting the facts, this can have an adverse affect on your claim. If they ask you if you have sustained any injuries and you are not sure, say "You are not sure" as opposed to saying "No." After an accident, you are in shock because of the adrenaline release and you may not feel your injuries until later. If possible, you should also see to it that the statements made by others involved in the accident are accurate. If you are injured, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

Video Recordings and Photos

With the developments in modern technology, you have easy access to a camera and a video recorder. If there is any visible damage to the vehicle or yourself, make sure that you capture these images. Photos are very important. Even if you can't take any photos of the scene, please try to get photos of your vehicle and any visible injuries. Many cases are won or lost based on the photographs.

Exchange Information

You should obtain contact details of everyone who was involved in the accident, including passengers, drivers, witnesses and insurance details. Your personal injury lawyer may need to contact them during the investigation.

Inform Your Insurance Company

Call a lawyer first. We will have to inform your insurance company about the accident, but you should call a lawyer first if you are injured so we an set up the claim properly. Some insurance companies will penalize you if you do not report a car accident straight away. As a part of your insurance plan, you may be entitled to medical benefits. This is known in Ohio as "med pay" and in Kentucky as "PIP." You pay extra for it, so if you have it, make sure that you use it. A personal injury lawyer like Christopher Jackson will be able to assist you in claiming all of the insurance coverage that is available to you. 

Final Thought

Whether you were injured or not, a car accident can seriously inconvenience you. To make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve, contact your personal injury lawyer, Christopher Jackson, if you were injured in Cincinnati, Ohio or Northern Kentucky. Please call (859) 261-1111 in Kentucky and (513) 861-8000 in Ohio or toll-free at 888-811-3247. 

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