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I Was in a Truck Accident in Northern Kentucky

Truck accidents take place in the United States every day. There are several steps that you will need to follow after an accident. The first thin


g that you should do is call the police, your insurance company and a person

al injury lawyer who will advise you on

the steps that you will need to take. Due to the size of the vehicle, a truck accident can be particularly traumatic, contact a truck wreck lawyer in Northern Kentucky to assist you with your claim.

After an Accident

Even if it appears that no one has been hurt after an accident, you should call an ambulance. Some injuries are only visible to a trained professional. If you do not feel that it is necessary to call an ambulance, go to the emergency room to get a full body check up. When you are filing a personal injury

claim, you will need an extensive medical report detailing all injuries that were sustained as a result of the accident. This report will enable a truck accident lawyer Northern Kentucky to get you the compensation that you deserve.

If possible, move all vehicles involved out of the way of m

oving traffic. Place emergency flares or cones in a location that is visible to drivers passing by. You should also turn on your hazard warning lights.

Call the Police

Regardless of the extent of the damage or the injuries

incurred, you will need to contact the police. When you contact a personal injury attorney they will require a full police report detailing the facts of the accident in order to move forward. You should provide the police with as much information related to the crash as possible. Due to the shock, there may be things that you forget and remember later, if this is the case, contact the police and provide them with the information. In order to represent you effectively, a personal injury lawyer in Kentucky will need as many details as possible.

Accident Report

You can go on to the Kentucky State Police website and download an accident report. In the report you will need to include all the contact

information of the individuals involved, this should include their driver's license numbers and birth dates. The license plate and registration numbers of all vehicles, details of damage to the vehicles and any property damage.

The accident report will require that you fill in very specific and precise information in regards to the road and weather conditions at the time of the accident, as well as the traffic signals that were on the road at the time. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident, contact a Northern Kentucky personal injury lawyer to assist you with your insurance claim.

Legal Action

Vehicle accidents will often result in legal action being taken. If you want to get the compensation that you deserve, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Covington who will immediately begin to fight on your behalf. You can find a Kentucky truck wreck lawyer in your local directory.

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