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Avoiding Disaster: Different Types of Bicycle Collisions

Different Types of Bicycle Collisions

Bicycle safety is a topic that is generally talked about in a very broad, bike-300x225.jpgand therefore ineffective, way. This lack of information about bike safety has led many riders to being forced to hire a personal injury attorney.

Witnessing an Accident: Things you Should Know

Witnessing an Accident: Things you Should Know

You are driving along, obeying traffic laws and staying alert for any signs ofwitnessed-a-car-accident-300x200.jpgtrouble, when the car in front of you attempts to pass the vehicle in front of them and when pulling back into their lane, they strike the front fender of the car they are trying to pass, both cars lose control and go off the road, one of them rolling over twice. You are horrified but, seeing this about to happen, have slowed your speed down considerably to avoid putting yourself in danger. Now you have to make a split second decision-do I pull over and offer assistance or just drive on by the accident scene. Most states do not have any law that states you must stop and render aid as long as you had no part in the accident. In other words, you cannot be sued for driving on.

Making an Accident Claim: The 24 Hour Rule

Making an Accident Claim: The 24 Hour Rule

You have been out on a shopping spree, having a wonderful time and you are nowclock-95330_960_720-300x200.jpg loading up all your purchases in the trunk of your car. You get in your car, buckle up, check over each shoulder for any oncoming traffic and check your rear view mirror, then proceed to back out of your parking space when WHAM! You are hit in your passenger side rear door. You had carefully looked in all directions and thought you were clear to back out safely. What do I do now, you think to yourself. Well, the first thing is to take some deep breaths and calm yourself down. Next you need to make sure there are no injuries involved in the accident. If someone is injured, don't try to move them if the injuries are severe, but hopefully, since this involved a low speed collision, there are no severe injuries.

What to do If You Are Bit by a Dog

What to do If You Are Bit by a Dog

Being bitten by a dog is always a scary event, whether it is the family pet, thedog-300x200.jpgneighbors dog or a strange dog running at large. Aside from the legal ramifications, the first thing to worry about is taking care of the wound itself. Care depends on the severity of the injury; if it is just a minor scrape, clean the wound with running water then apply hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol and a band aid. If the wound is more serious, such as a puncture wound, don't be afraid to let it bleed for a few minutes (unless the wound is bleeding profusely as in a neck or head wound, call 911). Bleeding will help to cleanse the wound, and after a few minutes, apply pressure directly to the wound to stop the bleeding, clean with running water and soap but do not apply any type of ointment to a puncture wound and, as a rule, don't bandage it. First aid at home, however, can only go so far, so if the bite is really deep you may need stitches or if you begin to see signs of infection or cannot stop the bleeding, you need to see a doctor. Dog bites can cause infections that need to be treated with antibiotics so watch for signs such as redness, warmth or swelling. 

Rear Collisions: Who's Fault is It?

Rear Collisions: Who's Fault is It?

When you are involved in a rear end collision with another vehicle and you are therear-collisions-300x200.jpg one who did the rear ending, the general rule of thumb is that you are totally at fault and will be liable for any damages. Proving at least partial negligence on the other driver is difficult, but not impossible. The tailing driver is usually blamed in large part, due to the assured clear distance ahead rule. This means you must keep an acceptable distance behind another driver to be prepared to stop in a timely manner in any event. If a car stops suddenly in front of you, or you turn a corner and there is a disabled vehicle in the road and, in either case, you cannot stop in time and rear end it, you are in violation of the assured clear distance ahead rule and can be held liable, because you did not keep a suitable distance to prepare for a sudden stop.

Personal Injury & Car Accidents in Ohio

ohio-300x205.jpgIf you have been involved in a car accident in Ohio, and suffered injuries, you may have been able to settle everything without going to court, but if important issues cannot be resolved, such as who was at fault, and the extent of injuries involved, you need to contact an attorney who is familiar with this type of lawsuit involving personal injury and automobile claims. They will have expertise in dealing with the insurance company and be familiar with their methods of negotiations.

Homeowner's Insurance & Personal Injury in Kentucky

home-insurance-300x199.jpgHomeowners insurance is not just for fire, falling trees, flooding and other disasters; but, also for injuries at home. Residential accidents that require a visit to the emergency room account for more than six million insurance claims each year. The homeowner's insurance covers personal injury to invited guests on the property. The more common accidents are slip and falls, dog bites, and swimming pool accidents. Contractors performing work on the property would also be covered for injury.

Bar Fights and Personal Injury in Ohio

personal-injury-300x225.jpgA night out to the local bar with friends or family should be a pleasant experience void of chaos and drama and usually a good time is had by everyone. Every once in awhile, however, an altercation happens because some hothead misconstrues an action or remark and decides to get physical. You have been sitting there, minding your own business and enjoying your evening out, when suddenly you are hit by a flying bottle which breaks and causes serious lacerations to your head and face. Standing up to protect yourself, your attacker starts swinging at you, striking you viciously, causing personal injury to you. This was not an agreed upon fight which the law calls "mutual affray," so the person is going to be liable to you under intentional tort principles. However, it may not be worth suing your attacker if they have no money or insurance; but you still have recourse against the club where the incident took place.


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