Criminal Defense Attorney In Covington, Kentucky And Northern Kentucky

If you were accused of a serious felony or misdemeanor crime in the Kentucky, Ohio, or Federal court, call Christopher Jackson Law now. With experience in criminal defense law since 2003, Christopher Jackson is able to handle any and all charges a client may face.

Founder, Christopher Jackson, was on the appointed panel for the Hamilton County Ohio Public Defender's office for almost 10 years while in private practice. Mr. Jackson also spent over 5 years on the Northern Kentucky Public Defender Conflict Panel as well. He also has been on the CJA Panel in Federal Court in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Southern District of Ohio and in Covington, Kentucky for the Eastern District of Kentucky since 2006 handing serious federal crimes. Christopher Jackson has represented over 1,000 people in very serious criminal cases.

Mr. Jackson gained invaluable experience in many bench and jury trials in both Common Pleas and Municipal courts in Ohio as well as Circuit and District court in Kentucky as well as Federal District Court. The CJA panel is essentially the public defender conflict panel for the Federal Public Defender's office for the Southern District of Ohio and Eastern District of Kentucky.

Some of his cases include, but are not limited to:

Christopher Jackson is unique as he has extensive experience, in both criminal and civil cases. Because of his experience, he is able to provide his clients with an understanding of the case against them and to find the weakness in the prosecution's case as well as bargain for a plea in your best interest.

Mr. Jackson will fight for you. His goal is to prevent charges from being filed or to get your case dismissed. Nevertheless, he has extensive trial experience and is not afraid to take your case to trial, if necessary.

He scrupulously examines, meticulously plans, and skillfully litigates every criminal case he handles. When you first meet with criminal defense lawyer, Christopher Jackson, you will see that closely engaging with his clients is important to his firm. He has won difficult cases through skill, experience, and diligent preparation.

When the police are called to the scene of a crime, the likely result is an arrest and you will need a criminal defense lawyer. People of all walks of life can quickly find themselves facing a serious criminal charge and they will need a criminal lawyer ASAP.

Christopher Jackson is a criminal defense lawyer who represents people caught up in the criminal system. He has represented thousands of people and he provides clear and dependable legal advice based on a proven record of success at representing the interests of people who have been accused.

If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Covington, Kentucky or Cincinnati, Ohio, call Christopher Jackson for a free consultation. He can help you develop the best approach toward resolving your difficult criminal defense problems. Whether you require assistance for a misdemeanor charge or a major felony offense, he can counsel and guide you throughout the entirety of your case. Do not take a criminal charge lightly. The results can affect your rights, your freedom, your family and your job.

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