Semi-Truck Accidents

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Have you been in a semi-truck accident and need an attorney? The Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson, LLC can fight for you! We all understand that truck driving is a hard job and truck drivers have to contend with icy and snowy roads, inclement weather, lengthy or overnight shifts, and the maintenance of their vehicle. However, if you were injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, you deserve to be compensated.

Semi-truck accident claims are typically more complicated than your run-of-the-mill car accident cases; this is because there are multiple parties involved. Some truckers are independent contractors and drive their own rig while others lease their rig or drive a truck owned by a trucking company.

Bringing a truck accident claim against those liable for your injury may be difficult because there may be multiple insurance companies involved. A knowledgeable trucking accident attorney will request the driver's log, fuel receipts, drug testing and any black box data or evidence to use in your case.

Know Your Rights - Talk to a Lawyer Before You Speak to an Insurance Adjuster!

If you have been involved in an accident caused by a semi-truck company, our truck attorneys advise you to speak with a lawyer before talking to the trucking company's insurance adjuster. Because trucking companies are large companies, they have a lot of resources and attorneys on staff to minimize their damages and dispute fault. We recommend that you do not sign anything until you consult an attorney who understands personal injury law.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the most common factors in large truck accidents are:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Legal drugs
  • Driving too fast for prevailing road conditions
  • Failing to provide a proper look out
  • Road unfamiliarity
  • Feeling pressure caused by the trucking company

Motor vehicle accidents involving large tractor trailers have a higher fatal accident rate per mile travelled than passenger cars and trucks. When a car and a truck collide, more than likely, the occupant of the car will be the one who suffers serious injuries, disability, or death.

Get Compensated for Your Losses

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, or your loved one was killed in an accident involving an 18-wheeler due to the truck driver's negligence, you have a right to compensation for your damages including medical costs, loss of wages, and pain and suffering.

Hiring an experienced semi-truck crash lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the full amount of damages to which you are entitled. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will fight for you and represent the interests of you and your family.

Our truck accident lawyers assist in legal cases for

  • Semi-trucks
  • 18-wheelers
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Big rigs
  • Single-unit trucks
  • Cargo vans weighing more than 10,000 pounds

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in 98% of the accident cases in which there is a death when a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the person killed is an occupant of the passenger vehicle.

  • In 2009, there were a total of 3,380 deaths due to semi-truck collisions in the United States.
  • 58% of these crashes occurred on major roads, 31% on interstate highways and freeways and 11% on minor roads.
  • Accidents involving semi-trucks are more likely to occur between 6am to 3pm.

Ohio and Kentucky have a great deal of trucking traffic and we read about semi-truck accidents occurring on a frequent basis. Often those who have been injured in semi-truck accidents have serious or devastating injuries which require multiple surgeries, lengthy hospital stays, therapy and rehab. Some accident victims are left with a permanent disability.

You may have many questions including: "Who will pay for my treatment?" "Who will pay to replace my car?" "How will I handle my bills and claims adjusters?" Your personal injury attorney can help you with all aspects of your claim. No question is too small.

Without a proactive investigation and litigation approach, trucking companies may lose or destroy evidence or valuable leads that would prove their liability and negligence. It is important that all aspects of truck and car accidents be considered, including:

  • Driver's Log Books
  • Driver's Background
  • Trucking Company Training Procedures
  • Hiring and Supervision of Drivers
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Road Conditions
  • Load Security and Capacity
  • Truck Maintenance
  • Other Circumstances

Accidents Due to an Improper Truck Load

Truck drivers earn endorsements to carry loads. This ensures that the driver is trained and certified to pack, load, and move certain types and volumes of cargo. If an accident is caused by improper loading, we will investigate to determine if the driver made an error, or if the company forced the driver to carry the load, knowing that he or she did not have the proper endorsement.

Our personal injury law firm has the resources and experience to invest into a full-blown investigation of the truck crash. We take all cases on contingency, which means no fee unless you win, allowing you and your family to heal and recover as we carry the legal burden.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or permanently disabled in a semi-truck accident, our law firm wants to help. For a truck accident attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio, or Covington, Kentucky, please contact The Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson, LLC today to schedule a free initial consultation. We are prepared to take your case, fight for your rights, and see that justice is served.

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