Truck Driver Fatigue

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Were you in an accident cause by a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel? Call the truck accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson, LLC today. Operator fatigue is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents, as truck driver fatigue is almost as great of an impairment as that of alcohol or drug intoxication.

A predominant percentage of truck crashes occur on long hauls. As the drivers continue driving long hours and often through the night, they become increasingly fatigued, and reaction time lengthens. The driver may not even feel the effects of the sleep deprivation, but this can create extremely high-risky situations that may result in catastrophe all too often.

Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys

The Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson, LLC are dedicated to fighting for victims and their families, seeking the maximum injury and damage compensation necessary to fulfill cost burdens that may last for a lifetime. Our truck driver fatigue attorneys have decades of experience handling serious truck accident cases throughout Kentucky and Ohio.

Drivers are required to log the hours driven on the road as well as their sleep in driver's logs. And these logs, in turn, are to be monitored by the trucking company. In some cases, drivers attempt to optimize a trip by doctoring the logbook, or the trucking company may encourage the driver to drive longer than is legally permitted by state and federal regulations.

Our team is well aware of these tactics and how truckers attempt to hide them. Our comprehensive investigations uncover evidence of logbook violations and driving times that did not allow for enough sleep in between shifts behind the wheel.

Trucking companies and operators are skilled in covering up the role they may have played in truck wrecks, but our lawyers have the legal experience and investigative resources to catch these tactics and hold the responsible parties accountable for the injuries and damages our clients have suffered.

If you were hurt in an accident due to truck driver fatigue in Cincinnati, Ohio, or Covington, Kentucky, call The Law Offices of Christopher L. Jackson, LLC to discuss your case with one of our experienced attorneys.

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