Ten Things To Do After An Auto Accident In Covington, Kentucky And Northern Kentucky

  1. Stop your vehicle after the wreck.
  2. Do NOT leave the scene.
  3. Call the police and ambulance if you are injured (call 911 if available).
  4. Protect the scene. If possible, do NOT move cars.
  5. Try to get information from the other drivers.
  6. Do NOT admit liability or fault.
  7. Get names and phone numbers of witnesses.
  8. Take pictures of cars, the accident scene and any injuries with a camera/phone.
  9. Do NOT give a statement to anyone but the police.
  10. Call your personal injury lawyer, Christopher L. Jackson, Attorney at Law, (513) 861-8000 in Ohio.

Covington, Kentucky and Northern Kentucky Injury Lawyer

After you call your Cincinnati personal injury lawyer, Christopher Jackson, he will set up your case with the insurance company. You should NOT give any recorded statements to any insurance companies until you talk to us. There are many important rules that can determine whether you can recover or not. Many times there are small misunderstandings that can limit or prevent your recovery. Many clients are modest about their injuries and the insurance company will use your modesty against you. A client may say, "Oh, I am okay" but the client is really in pain. A few weeks later when you are still in pain, the insurance company will likely deny your injury claim citing your modest statement after the car accident. Call us to discuss the ten things to do after an auto accident in Cincinnati.

There are also many important decisions to make immediately after your accident regarding whether you should use your health insurance, medical payments coverage in Ohio or no fault PIP in Kentucky. There are also other concerns if you were on the job, because you may have a workers compensation claim in addition to your personal injury claim.

Call us at 513-861-8000 to discuss the ten things to do after an auto accident in Cincinnati.

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