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Founder of Crocs Arrested for DUI, blames Taylor Swift

The founder of Crocs shoes was arrested last week for driving drunk after he was allegedly discovered unconscious in his Porsche, but he had a bizarre excuse for his behavior, according to a report from Reuters.

Sources say that, when he was approached by Colorado police, George Boedecker said he hadn't been driving the car. When officers asked who had been driving, Boedecker said his "girlfriend," pop singer Taylor Swift, had been behind the wheel.

The responding officers, naturally, were not convinced, so they pressed Boedecker about the location of his girlfriend, who was nowhere to be seen when officers approached the car.

In response, Boedecker reportedly pointed to a nearby yard and claimed that Swift was hiding there. After a cursory search, police officers failed to find the 22-year-old singer, who, luckily, was thousands of miles away at the time.

Unfortunately for the entrepreneur and founder of the popular Crocs shoe line, Boedecker's bizarre behavior did not stop after the claims about his imaginary relationship with Taylor Swift.

When the police tried to take the 51-year-old millionaire into custody, he told them he had "17 (expletive) homes" and when police asked him to perform a field sobriety test, he told them "I'm not doing your (expletive) maneuvers," according to sources. Boedecker's colorful language, as well as his failure to perform the field sobriety test, could lead to extra jail time or increased fines if he is convicted for a DUI.

In many states, DUI laws state that drivers implicitly consent to certain sobriety tests when they get behind the wheel of a car. In these states, if drivers fail to perform they test, they may be presumed drunk, and could face a heavier sentence.

Sources are not sure if Colorado consent laws cover field sobriety test, although the state does have a consent law with respect to breathalyzer tests, which measure drivers' levels of intoxication in a non-invasive manner.

Of course, if Boedecker made any physical contact with the police officers, or attempted to flee the scene of the crime, he could have faced additional charges of resisting arrest.

So the lesson to be learned from Boedecker's bizarre arrest is, first, do not drink and drive. It's simply not worth the danger or the potential legal consequences.

And second, if you do happen to be pulled over on suspicion of driving drunk, be on your best behavior when dealing with the police. Giving the police trouble only dares them to add extra charges to the DUI.

If you have been charged with DUI, or involved in an accident with a drunk driver, call me, Christopher L. Jackson, Attorney at Law, at (859) 261-1111.

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