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Why Should I Get a Will?

A will gives you control over how your property and belongings are distributed. So what you want to happen, happens. Wills can benefit most people, particularly if you own a home or property. If you pass away without a valid will then under Ohio law you are considered to have died "intestate." Meaning, Ohio statutes will decide how your assets are distributed.

Establishing Paternity

"The Importance of Establish Paternity"

For unwed parents establishing paternity provides benefits for both parties. More importantly it establishes benefits for your child. Even if two parties are in a relationship it is important that paternity be established for a multitude of reasons. Taking the steps to do so earlier rather than later is smart. In Ohio paternity can be established up until the age of 23.

Understanding Child Custody Terminology

Understanding Child Custody Terminology

Child custody has many nuances. It can be confusing to hear the many terms used for the different "types" of custody and know the difference. Below discusses some of the child custody terms utilized by the court system.


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