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Premises Liability in Kentucky

If you were injured on someone else property in Covington, Newport, or Florence - the person or business responsible for the property may be liable. A skilled Northern Kentucky personal injury attorney can help you to find the justice you deserve.

Premises Liability in Kentucky

Whether you have been injured at a neighbor's house during a pool party, a public park on some faulty benches, or at a store while you were grocery shopping - depending on the circumstances, you may be entitled to a settlement. Every year, millions of people suffer an injury on someone else premises. In many of these cases the proprietor of the establishment, be it private home, business, or public places, is responsible for injuries suffered. This is especially true when a hazard is in an area that the proprietor should expect traffic. Even if the entity responsible for the area did not know a hazard was present, if the responsible should have been aware the hazard existed, they may still be found liable for injuries sustained by an individual or group.

Renter or Owner?

Many assume that right off the top the owner of the property must be the individual or entity responsible for any injuries that take place on the aforementioned property. However, this is not always the case. A property Owner may not be held liable in certain situations where the renter of the property or caretaker is supposed to maintain the premises. Better yet, is supposed to ensure the specific area in question does not present a hazard. There are also situations where both the owner and renter are equally responsible for any injuries that transpire on the property. Ultimately, responsibility is determined through a number of factors.


Overall, it is the proprietor's responsibility to extend reasonable care in regards to the maintenance of the premises in question. They must also warn any visitors to the property of any dangerous or potentially hazardous conditions that may be present - especially if these conditions would not normally be something a visitor would know to look for. Some of the factors that help to determine liability on the part of the possessor of the premises are whether an area could present a foreseeable hazard to visitors; the size of the risk of injury to people if the premises were to stay in its current condition; and what the costs of ensuring a safe environment. In addition, if a proprietor simply should have been aware of an area of the premises that presented a hazard, they would be considered liable in a court of law.

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