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Trip and Falls in Northern Kentucky

Slip and fall injuries, or better known in Northern Kentucky as trip and fall accidents, are one of the most common and misunderstood personal injury claims. Some will have you believe that these sometimes embarrassing accidents only hurt your pride, and may leave a bruise on your butt. This could not be further from the truth.

The Truth about Trip and Falls in Northern Kentucky

You've seen it happen on TV. Someone walks down the store isle, and WHAAM! They fall flat on their keister. They get up, shake it off, and walk away. Sometimes you see them even take a peek around, making sure no one was looking. This, however, is false.

Most trip and falls result in injury. From broken tailbones, ankles, wrists, elbows and forearms, to head injuries and worse. The injured may sometimes attempt to get up, and they may succeed. Video camera footage have shown people with even severe injuries getting up and walking away. However, they do not make it far. Most footage does not show the person collapsing outside, or experiencing an episode in their sleep from the fall.

According to the CDC, trip and falls result in over 1 million injuries a year, and account for over 17,000 deaths per year. Trip and fall injuries are one of the most serious forms of personal injury instances, and they happen all the time.

Who is Liable?

While it sometimes takes a court hearing and submitted evidence, liability does get determined one way or another. Usually trip and falls in Northern Kentucky are settled out of court, because liability can be fairly easy to pinpoint. Even though a property owner or individual who is in possession of the property is not required by law to undoubtedly guarantee the absolute safety of each and every person who comes into contact with the property in question, they can still be held liable for injuries to visitors if they have failed to take adequate and acceptable measures to ensure that hazards, or other safety concerns were addressed.

In fact, even if it is a situation where the individual in possession of the property claims they did not know that a hazard existed, there are situations where it can be deemed that the possessor should have been aware of the hazard to begin with. In these cases, the possessor is liable for any injuries sustained by a visitor.

Do not forget to gather any witnesses to the event, if at all possible. Collecting contact information from those who can corroborate your statement will always come in helpful in the event of a lawsuit. You or someone you trust should also take pictures of the area the accident happened in, and of any injuries. These will help to inform a jury or judge of the extent of your injuries, in addition to medical records. Getting medical treatment immediately should always be your first priority in the event of an injury.

Contacting an Attorney

In any event, if you have suffered an injury during trip and fall accident in Northern Kentucky (Covington, Newport or Florence), contacting an experienced personal injury attorney should be your top priority - after receiving medical attention. A good lawyer will get you the settlement you deserve.

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