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Common Auto Injuries in Kentucky

From minor injuries such as cuts and bruises to major medical conditions requiring years of therapy and treatment, suffering injuries in a car accident is more common that you might believe. In fact, some of the most common auto injuries in Kentucky can take years to heal; which typically increase costs time, money, stress and resources. When injuries occur, it's critical to understand the resources you have to receive compensation you deserve.

Ohio Dog Bite Laws

A sad fact of reality is that our beloved pets are not perfect. Occasionally a situation will occur when a dog specifically will attack without warning and cause significant injuries to an individual. There are specific statuses in place that articulate the Ohio dog bite laws and how they protect victims of dog attacks. By knowing the law, and resources you are protected by law, you will be better prepared to understand the facts about these legal cases and can receive compensation from liable parties.

Pedestrian Accidents in Kentucky

When involved in pedestrian accidents in Kentucky, a pedestrian is usually unable to work and will suffer financial stresses. They may also suffer from pain that keeps them from doing day to day things. This is why it is important for a pedestrian to know what steps they should take to get back some of what they have lost.

Wrongful Death Claims in Ohio

Losing a family member to a tragic and unexpected accident is never a situation that anybody should have to deal with. However, when a tragedy like this happens due to negligence of others, filing wrongful death claims in Ohio can ensure that those liable for this type of tragedy are held financially. Knowing Understanding facts about wrongful death claims and how compassionate attorneys in Cincinnati work with you during this delicate time can help you cope during a difficult time.

Common Auto Injuries in Ohio

Whether it's a minor fender-bender or a serious collision, injuries can occur from any auto accident. Minor injuries like bruises and cuts can heal rather quickly and typically don't require extensive medical treatment while others like head, neck and back injuries can take years to heal - or be permanent. If you've experienced an accident, it's important to understand the common auto injuries in Ohio and the legal resources you have available to receive the compensation you deserve.

Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

Insurance companies specialize at finding loop-holes or taking as much time to complete personal injury or automobile accident claims. However, the Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act protects consumers against scrupulous and unethical entities who strive to make the claims process difficult, complex, stressful and sometimes discriminatory to individuals. Experienced personal injury attorney's in Ohio understand these laws and work with their clients to protect their legal rights against unfair claims.

Pedestrian Accidents in Cincinnati

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reported that in 2012 over 70,000 pedestrians were struck by motorized vehicles, causing physical injuries - and in some cases; fatality. Pedestrian accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio happen every day. Whether they are hit while entering a cross walk, on the side-walk or on private property; pedestrians have rights to file personal injury claims just like any other individual driving a car. Understanding the facts about this law and how pedestrians can file personal injury claims is the best way to protect your legal rights.

Kentucky Bicycle Injury Lawyer

Bicycle riders in Kentucky have the same rights to the road as all others. However, it's a statement of fact that those who choose this method of transportation often face a negative stereotype or are blamed for accidents; even for those where they are clearly not at fault. This is where a Kentucky bicycle injury lawyer takes a case and actively fights for the rights of bicycle riders.

Kentucky Dog Bite Laws

Although many of us love our pets, the reality exists that they can sometimes attack and inflict injuries to others. Our state is very clear in regards to Kentucky dog bite laws and how victims of dog attacks are protected and can be compensated for their injuries. Understanding some of the facts about dog bite laws and the rights that victims have is the first step in recovery from what can be a vicious attack.

Wrongful Death Claims in Kentucky

The death of a loved one is never easy to handle for any family. When this tragedy occurs due to the negligence of others, the process of filing wrongful death claims in Kentucky can be the most difficult process anybody can go through. Understanding the legal facts about wrongful death claims and how an ethical Kentucky attorney can help a family with this process will provide insight on how to proceed.

Product Liability in Cincinnati, Ohio

A statement of fact is that every year, millions of people fall victim to illnesses or injuries due to products they purchase on a daily basis. From food poisoning, to a car accident caused by the mechanical failure of a vehicle; manufactures of goods, services and products are held accountable to product liability in Cincinnati, Ohio. Knowing the facts about these types of claims and understanding that there are legal experts in Cincinnati who are dedicated to helping their clients will ensure you are legally protected.

Ohio Bicycle Injury Lawyer

According to the US Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Board, in 2013, 743 people lost their lives through a bicycle accident in the United States. It's commonly understood that bike riders share equal responsibility for being seen and following the same traffic laws as vehicles. However, they are still protected under the same rights when they are not at fault. This is where an experienced Ohio bicycle injury lawyer can and will fight hard for their legal rights and ensure they are treated equally in the eyes of justice.

Filing Personal Injury Claims in Cincinnati, Ohio

Understanding the law and how it applies to filing personal injury claims in Cincinnati, Ohio involved detailed and complex paperwork and procedures to be filed. It's due to these facts, that experienced litigators can help guide you on the process and procedures that need to be filed correctly.

Underage Injury Claims in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio has very strict guidelines when it comes to the amounts rewarded and filing procedures of underage injury claims for people under 18 years of age. Due to the complexity of these laws, many people find it helpful to have the expert guidance of attorneys that have direct experience filing underage injury claims in Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding communities. Knowing the facts about these types of claims will help you make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Motorcycle Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio

Motorcycle riders face multiple hurdles to protect their safety. However, they have the same rights and privileges to the road as any other driver. When motorcycle accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio occur, it's important for these riders to understand the process involved in filing claims and that there are experienced attorney's that are dedicated to protecting their rights.

Ohio Settlement Values

Contrary to popular belief, there is no simple formula that will determine the exact amount of settlement you can receive for any personal injury claim in Ohio. In fact, each claim is unique; which is why it's a good idea to have a basic understanding of how multiple elements and the people who file the claims can impact Ohio settlement values.

Premises Liability in Cincinnati, Ohio

It's very common that people can be injured on the premises of somebody else property. What is not typically known is that if you were injured at a business or home in Westwood, Oakley or any towns in Cincinnati, those property owners may be liable. This is where an experienced personal injury attorney in Cincinnati that specializes in filing claims for premises liability in Cincinnati, Ohio can fight aggressively to protect your legal rights.

Finding the Right Attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio

Finding the right attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio can mean the difference between incurring a copious amount of debt or having your quality of life enhanced. Whether you've experienced a car accident, fall or slip accident, workplace injury or any personal injury; there are a few easy ways to find the right individual or law firm to protect your rights.

Tips for Finding the Right Attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio

There are several law firms in the Three Rivers area that fight hard for their clients. In fact, since all attorneys typically follow the same training, comply with the same regulations and procedures, it can be difficult for any individual to find one that not only will defend their rights; but with whom they feel comfortable protecting their financial futures. As tempting as it might be to contact the first personal injury attorney you find on Google, the fact remains that finding the right attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio is a process that should be taken very seriously. Here are a few tips that will help you retain the best legal counsel that is compassionate, experienced and dedicated to providing ethical legal services.

Whose Insurance Covers Medical Costs in Cincinnati, Ohio?

In the State of Ohio, determining liability is the typically the primary factor in regards to whose insurance covers medical costs in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, there are several other factors can often factor in how medical bills are paid for people involved in accidents. Here are a few facts about insurance claims paid after fault has been determined.

Understanding Car Insurance Laws in Cincinnati, Ohio

According to Ohio Revised Code Section 4509.101, the law requires that anybody driving a vehicle needs to maintain an active insurance policy covering (minimums) of $25,000 for bodily injury or death to a single individual involved in an accident, $50,000 for two people, and $25,000 for damage to property involved in the accident. This law was enacted to ensure that regardless of who is at fault, the question of whose insurance covers medical costs in Cincinnati, Ohio should be rather simple to determine.

Personal Injury Claims in Cincinnati, Ohio

Every year residents, employees and visitors to Cincinnati fall victim to car accidents, workplace injuries, medical malpractice and simple slip and fall injuries. Typically, these accidents can be avoided and are directly due to negligence of others. Regardless of the type of accident, there are a few things anyone should do to ensure their rights are protected.

Facts about Personal Injury Claims in Cincinnati, Ohio

The State of Ohio is considered a 'tort' or 'at fault' state in regards to determining liability for injuries or property damage due to accidents that may occur. Whether you've experienced injury due to a slip and fall, workplace accident, car accident or other personal injury, the process of filing the claim and items required to provide to insurance companies or legal counsel are quite similar. By taking time to document the events and details of the accident, gathering witness contact information or simply taking pictures; you can reduce the amount of time it takes to receive the compensation you deserve when you or your legal team file personal injury claims in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Slip and Fall Injuries in Cincinnati, Ohio

The determination of liability in regards to slip and fall injuries in Cincinnati, Ohio can be complex and open to interpretation. However, in general, when an individual suffers any injuries due to the negligence of a property owner, they are entitled to fair and just compensation for their pain and suffering.

Facts about Slip and Fall Injuries in Cincinnati, Ohio

Did you know that according to the United States Center of Disease Control, an estimated 17,000 individuals die in the US due to injuries suffered from accidents caused by a slip or a fall - compared to only 10,000 individuals that die each year in alcohol related accidents? Regardless of how minor we might consider a slip or fall in the workplace, on public or private property the fact remains that these types of accidents can lead to significant medical problems with symptoms that can last weeks or for the remainder of the patient's life. When it comes to slip and fall injuries in Cincinnati, Ohio, there are a few facts you should be aware of about how these accidents can occur and what you should do if it happens to you or a family member.

Semi-Truck Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio: What to do Next?

Being involved in an accident with a semi-truck in Cincinnati is a traumatic event. However, these trucks, their drivers and the companies they haul freight for have strict guidelines mandated by the Department of Transportation in regards to liability, and reporting of accidents. As such, there are a few important steps that any car owner should take if they've been involved in semi-truck accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How to Handle Semi-Truck Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio

It's typical that a semi-truck will have 10 times the vehicle mass as your car. With this being said, when you're involved in a semi-truck accident in Cincinnati; whether in Walnut Hills or Mount Auburn or other suburbs, it's likely that your vehicle will suffer the most damage. After an accident occurs, it's critical to follow a process to ensure your safety and well-being; as well as any occupants in your vehicle.

Things to do After a Car Accident in Cincinnati, Ohio

Experiencing a car accident in Cincinnati, Ohio is typically a traumatic incident for anyone. However, if you've experienced an accident driving a truck, car, or motorcycle in Cincinnati there are three critical items that need to be accomplished by either yourself or a family member or friend

Seek Medical Attention after any Car Accident in Cincinnati, Ohio

Regardless of the severity of the car accident in Cincinnati, Ohio, the first thing anyone should do is to visit a doctor as soon as possible. It's quite typical for some medical side-effects like pain and other injuries to remain dormant for days, weeks or even months after the accident occurred. By being proactive about visiting your primary care physician, an emergency room or medical clinic; after the accident occurs, the medical professionals can complete a thorough examination and often can find head, neck, spinal or internal injuries that may otherwise go undiagnosed. Your health and well-being is paramount, so remember to always visit a doctor in Cincinnati after any accident to be checked out.

Determining Liability in Cincinnati, Ohio

Contrary to popular belief, determining liability in Cincinnati, Ohio is not a simple process. Typically the determination of the truth can be influenced due to conflicting reports, eye-witness testimony and other inaccurate information. However, there are a few facts that you need to know about how the State of Ohio determines who is at fault in a car accident or other liability situation.

Ohio is a Traditional 'Fault' State for Liability

When it comes to defining liability in Cincinnati, Ohio the state follows a traditional 'tort' or 'fault' system. This means that the individual that was legally determined to be at fault for causing the accident is also liable for any resulting costs for loss of property damage and injuries to any passengers or drivers of other vehicles. Typically, when an individual has been assigned fault through investigation their insurance company will pay for losses up to the extent of that persona's individual policy. The methods on how individuals collect on liability claims in Ohio typically follow two paths.

Trip and Fall Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio

Some of the most common trip and fall accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio happen out in public, in homes or at the workplace. However, contrary to popular belief, your pride or embarrassment may not be the only thing damaged. Here are a few facts about trip and fall accidents that will help you understand what to do incase this happens.

Some Facts about Trip and Fall Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio

The human body can be very strong and withstand quite a bit. However, there is sometimes nothing that can be done to avoid injuries when you experience trip and fall accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio. Whether this happened on an icy street, or while attending a Bengals football or Red's baseball game in the city, the fact remains that several injuries can and typically occur. Sometimes these injuries like broken bones, cuts or muscle damage can be noticed immediately - while in other cases; the injuries take time to develop. Regardless of what type of accident you've experienced, there are a few factors to consider if you've experienced any trip or fall.


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