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Ohio Bicycle Injury Lawyer

According to the US Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Board, in 2013, 743 people lost their lives through a bicycle accident in the United States. It's commonly understood that bike riders share equal responsibility for being seen and following the same traffic laws as vehicles. However, they are still protected under the same rights when they are not at fault. This is where an experienced Ohio bicycle injury lawyer can and will fight hard for their legal rights and ensure they are treated equally in the eyes of justice.

How can an Ohio Bicycle Injury Lawyer Help?

It's often assumed that bicycle riders are 100% responsible for the accidents they are involved in daily. Whether it's due to the clothing they wear, the style of bike ridden or what side of the road they choose; society has placed a stigma on bicycle riders that simply put is unjust. The reality is that bicycle riders have the same rights to the road as a motorcycle, a car, truck or even semi-truck. This is why an Ohio bicycle injury lawyer is often depended on to fight for the rights of bike riders and ensures they receive fair and just compensation for accidents that are clearly not their fault.

Facts about Bicycle Accidents in Ohio

A common misunderstanding is that bicycle riders and even those that ride motorcycles must assume the risk of traveling along-side automobiles. However, the statistics prove that the majority of bicycle related accidents in the State of Ohio are caused by motorists or pedestrians who are negligent and not aware of the bicycle rider on the street. In Franklin County alone there were 95 bicycle accidents last year. Each county in Ohio reports different numbers; however in most of these cases, the responsibility for the accident falls on the vehicle or motorist who struck the bike rider.

Bike riders should always be aware of their surroundings due to the simple fact that most motorists do not actively look for them while they are driving. In fact, the US Department of Transportation states that more than half of all bicycle / automotive accidents are caused by drivers of cars, trucks or commercial vehicles that were negligent; and that in most cases, the bike riders attempted to avoid the accidents.

Why an Ohio Bicycle Lawyer is needed to Protect Their Rights

Like motorcycle riders, people who choose to ride bicycles face a stigma in society and by insurance companies that is hard to defend by themselves. Add this fact to the reality that most bicycle accidents result in significant injuries and it's quick to determine that having an experienced Ohio bicycle injury lawyer support you in your time of need is a smart decision. An ethical lawyer does not discriminate due to the personal choice of transportation you select and will fight passionately to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve if you're involved in a bicycle accident.

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