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Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

Insurance companies specialize at finding loop-holes or taking as much time to complete personal injury or automobile accident claims. However, the Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act protects consumers against scrupulous and unethical entities who strive to make the claims process difficult, complex, stressful and sometimes discriminatory to individuals. Experienced personal injury attorney's in Ohio understand these laws and work with their clients to protect their legal rights against unfair claims.

Facts about Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

The State of Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act was established to prohibit insurance practices that are discriminatory, unfair or deceptive in any way. The regulations set forth in this law establish guidelines to insurance companies and other entities responsible for fulfilling legal or financial claims against their clients. This act covers the direct insurance claims process, sales practices and even cancellation of insurance policies. However, even though these standards are clear and are followed by most insurance companies, there are times when they are violated.

What are the Obligations of Insurance Companies in Ohio?

The Unfair Claims Act protects consumers from illegal or unethical actions taken by insurance companies. There are several specific obligations that each insurance company in Ohio must comply with when dealing with residents of Ohio. First, they can't misrepresent your insurance policy. This means that they are obligated to being transparent and factual in regards to the details with your policy. They also are prohibited from influencing other policy settlements, must acknowledge your claim within a certain time period and must process these claims in a prompt manner.

The final qualifying standard of delaying claims processing is the most common violation of this legal act. Typically and insurance company in Ohio will argue that they are 'still investigating the details of your specific claim'. However, according to Ohio law, they are obligated to provide details about any delays in fulfilling claims.

How an Experienced Lawyer in Ohio can Expedite Insurance Claims

Thanks in part to the establishment of the Ohio Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, insurance companies are beginning to understand the legal ramifications of being discriminatory when dealing with customers. However, there are times when an experienced litigator in Cincinnati, Ohio can expedite these claims or file legal action when a clear violation of the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act has been violated. Anytime you are uncomfortable about the way your insurance claim is being handled, it's advised to contact an experienced attorney in Ohio as quickly as possible.

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