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Underage Injury Claims in Cincinnati, Ohio

Ohio has very strict guidelines when it comes to the amounts rewarded and filing procedures of underage injury claims for people under 18 years of age. Due to the complexity of these laws, many people find it helpful to have the expert guidance of attorneys that have direct experience filing underage injury claims in Cincinnati, Ohio and surrounding communities. Knowing the facts about these types of claims will help you make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Understanding Underage Injury Claims in Cincinnati, Ohio

Anytime a minor is injured due to a car accident, trip or fall, dog bites, workplace accident or any other personal injury claim, there are several stipulations and procedures that need to be followed. Whether they live Downtown, Over-the-Rhine or Queensgate, it's critical that their parents or guardians follow the full extent of the law to avoid any mistakes. Here are a few facts about underage injury claims in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How do You File for Settlement?

When a minor under the age of 18 is filing for compensation settlement, they must meet certain criteria. First, they must be a resident in the county where the probate court is located. Second, if the gross settlement amount is more than $25,000 their guardian must establish an estate that will receive the compensation. However, if the settlement is under $25,000 the parent or guardian may file these applications without establishing the support estate.

There are specific items needed to process the filing in court such as; filling out the Narrative Statement, filing certified copies of the minor's birth certificate, and providing detailed files about the case in question. The paperwork for filing minor claims is extensive and is traditionally handled by a professional attorney that has experience in filing minor claims in Cincinnati.

Statutes of Limitations for Minor Personal Injury Claims in Ohio

In Ohio, the state provides a two-year window (or statutes of limitation) for bringing a personal injury case to trial for a minor. However, in some cases, the statutes can expire early (if the minor has reached 18 prior to the filing) or if the minor has extreme medical conditions that require an extension to be filed.

Due to these facts, when a minor is involved in any accident, it's essential that they receive prompt medical attention to determine the extent of their injuries. This allows them to receive the proper medical care needed to ensure a positive recovery, but also gives the family time to work with an experienced attorney that has experience dealing with underage injury claims in Cincinnati, Ohio. This protects both the child and the family and provides strength and support from experts who will aggressively fight for their rights.

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