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Filing Personal Injury Claims in Cincinnati

Your person, property, rights or reputation are all things that can be wronged or damaged and thus become liable for a Personal Injury claim. But to be a viable claim they must have occurred because of a negligent or unreasonably safe act by another. Examples include your employer in a workplace accident, your landlord in a slip and fall, your doctor in a medical procedure that left you worse off than before, a manufacturer that produced a faulty product that injures you or a drunk, reckless or negligent driver that causes an automobile accident. There are many more incidents that would apply, of course, but one thing they all have in common is that different laws apply to each one and different things must be done in each case to make it apply to a Personal Injury claim. As laymen, we are not equipped to make a sensible and logical decision as to whether we have a valid claim in a Cincinnati court of law. This is best discussed with a licensed, credible attorney who is well versed in the particular type of injury claim we are pursuing.

Common Personal Injury Cases

When you file a Personal Injury case, it must meet certain criteria according to the laws in your state. It is usually an accident caused by another's failure to exercise reasonable care, resulting in injury. Reasonable care is a broad spectrum and is dealt with on a case to case basis and is usually determined by whether or not the injury was caused by a "foreseeable" result of the other person's actions, such as negligent or reckless endangerment. The defense attorney in these cases will work towards negating the case by looking at pre-existing conditions, intervening causes and assumption of risk. They will also be interviewing witnesses, if any, or looking for video evidence to dispute your claim. There main tactic may be to take advantage of the Ohio laws on "shared fault" which attempt to put a percentage of the fault on you, so as to limit the amount you are entitled to. This is why you need a reputable Cincinnati attorney who is familiar with these tactics and knows the law, to represent you.

Hiring a Dependable Cincinnati Lawyer

Personal Injury lawsuits arise from injury and wrongful death cases brought about by accidents involving cars, bikes, motorcycles, trucks and boats. Along with that are pedestrian accidents, workplace, nursing home and medical malpractice suits and more-all stemming from someone's negligent or reckless behavior. It is therefore, the reason your Cincinnati attorney will have their work cut out for them, and also, why you must be vigilant in the choice you make. You want your lawyer to be well-versed in the type of Personal Injury you are claiming, have tried multiple cases of the same nature and won them on a regular basis. They are paid to win your case and have to know deadlines, rules on "shared fault," what the caps are on injury cases, and in general, know the Ohio Personal Injury Laws and Statutory Rules to bring home a victory.

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