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Most Common Car Accident Injuries

There isn't always a correlation in an automobile accident, between the severity of the crash and the extent of the injuries received. Some minor collisions bring about major damage and sometimes a person walks away unscathed in a terrible accident. Some of the factors in the severity of the injuries include wearing a seat belt, speed, was the driver sitting face forward, was the car hit from the side, front or behind and did the car have airbags. The most important thing, however, is to seek immediate medical attention. Sometimes, due to trauma and shock, injuries do not start to manifest themselves until after some time has passed and the imminent danger is no longer a threat. You also want to hire an Ohio attorney to negotiate with the insurance adjuster or a claim in court. Ohio is a comparative fault state and you cannot recover if you were more than 50% at fault in the accident.

Injuries to the Head, Neck and Back

Immediate treatment of all head injuries is crucial, as swelling of the brain may begin at the time of the accident while you show or feel no symptoms until time has passed. Even though the skull was not penetrated, the force of the crash can cause the brain to be injured. The sudden stop or change of direction in an accident can cause muscle strains in the neck and back resulting in soft tissue damage such as whiplash. Damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons are soft tissue damage and can affect the neck and even mid to lower back as spasms occur and cause loss of sensation, pain and possibly paralysis.

Spinal Injuries

A spinal cord injury sustained in an automobile accident can lead to loss of mobility or sensation. It does not have to be severed to produce this result but the damage to it results in loss of function. The ability to move our limbs and perceive pain through the messages the spinal cord sends to the brain is affected by the damage caused by an accident. It can cause problems walking, pain and stiffness, lack of bowel and bladder control or paralysis.

Injuries to the Face

Breaking any bone in the body is painful and stressful, particularly a bone in the face due to a car accident. Not wearing a seatbelt, airbags deploying, contact with the dashboard, front or side window or flying debris can all be causes of the injury. Broken glass can cause lacerations to the face calling for stitches or surgery to repair. Any of the at least fourteen bones in the face are at risk in an accident, the nose, cheek and jaw being the most common. Breaking these bones can cause problems with sight, speech and the ability to swallow. Your eyesight could be damaged or lost due to head trauma or flying debris. All of these have a big impact on a personal injury claim.

Physiological Trauma

Physiological trauma occurs because of a particularly distressing event that affects a person's ability to cope. An automobile accident not only wrecks machines and bodies, it also affects the mind. Emotional recovery is as important as the physical recovery and sometimes takes much longer. Everyone reacts differently to trauma, therefore if you or someone you know is reacting differently to situations then their normal behavior, contact professional help immediately as this condition can last for a long time and take a heavy toll.

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