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The Role of Your Kentucky Lawyer

Lawyers are advocates for people and organizations, knowing in depth laws and regulations that they have spent years learning and practicing in order to serve you best. Divorce, personal injury, DUI, immigration, arbitration and civil rights are just some of the problems that they tackle. If you have a problem, your lawyer can advise you as to whether it is a matter for the courts, and if so, will accompany you and speak for you. They negotiate with the opposing party on your behalf to protect your best interest and get you a settlement if it applies to your case.

The Kentucky Supreme Court created the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct for all lawyers practicing in the state. This helps to insure confidence in your attorney and uphold their ethical conduct and the trust you want in your attorney. There are safeguards in place to insure that trust, and methods to report a breach of conduct.

Why is Hiring a Lawyer So Important?

The law covers a wide spectrum of problems and requires a great deal of attention to detail. Once you have decided you need a lawyer to handle your case, you need to find the right lawyer for you. Good legal representation can get you out of some undesirable situations, but the key is to find an attorney that is well-versed in your particular legal issue. Do your research and find other cases they have handled and the outcome of those cases.

Law is complicated and if you are not a lawyer, don't try to act like one and present your own case. Even lawyers on trial don't, as a rule, handle their own case, but hire an uninvolved third party. You may have a lot at stake if this is a criminal case, such as time behind bars or a huge settlement. Your attorney knows what questions to ask about the evidence-was it obtained legally and handled properly? Is their witness giving contradicting statements on the stand? Your attorney understands protocol and deadlines for filing in which one delay could cause your case to be delayed or even thrown out. They know professionals to help with discovery and know how to challenge witness testimony. Your attorney can make an educated guess as to how the trial is going and whether to accept a plea bargain or settlement to decide the case in your best interest.

Hiring the Right Kentucky Lawyer

It is important that, whatever your legal problem is, you hire the right lawyer, one who is well versed in your particular issue and has a record of winning them. In Kentucky the board of bar examiners is made up of seven attorneys appointed by the Kentucky Supreme Court. The Board of Bar examiners and the Character and Fitness Committee comprise the Office of Bar Admissions.

The requirements for admission to the Bar in Kentucky include: good moral character, degree requirements, pass the MPRE with a 75, take an oath to support the United States and Kentucky and intend to practice law in Kentucky. Hiring a lawyer in Kentucky assures you of credentials, wins and knowledge of Kentucky law.

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