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The Role of Your Ohio Lawyer

A lawyer, according to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, as a member of the legal profession is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice. It does not differentiate on the type of law that is practiced or prioritize the roles which brings the conclusion that all lawyers must act as an officer of the court, is a participant of a system that puts justice as a core value and will respect the need for truth and truth seeking.

According to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, the scope and responsibilities of a lawyer are set out and outline client-lawyer relationship, and duties as a counselor and advocate. It sets limitations and boundaries involving transactions with persons other than clients, and responsibilities of Law Firms and maintaining the integrity of the legal system, although more extensive than what we have mentioned here.

Why is Hiring a Lawyer so important

Whether your current problem is a personal injury case, insurance claim, a start-up business, a divorce or any other issue that is going to most likely end up in court, how confident are you in your education and ability to present depositions, question witnesses, find contacts to do some investigating for you and actually present your case in a court of law? Most of us know the answer to that-hire a lawyer! Not just any lawyer, however; search Ohio directories and find the Law Firm that is most proficient in your particular predicament, see how many cases they have tried and most important-how many have they won? Once you have investigated and found your perfect match you can finally get a good night's sleep, the retainer is signed and you have put the issue in your new best friend's hands.

Hiring a lawyer will be invaluable in helping you avoid issues arising from changes in the law or other legal complications. Signing contracts or agreements for buying a house, a car or other major purchases is better and safer when done through a lawyer who will understand all the legal jargon and small print involved. Hiring a lawyer will help you avoid possible pitfalls down the road and they will know the best legal way to handle your case.

Hiring the Right Ohio Lawyer

If you are facing probation, fines or possible jail time, you need to consult with the services of a Cincinnati law firm. You need a defense lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced and has a reputation with courts, judges and prosecutors. The sooner you gain representation, the better the chance of success. Search online for a firm that is near the location where you were charged, then narrow it down to the ones that specialize in your offense. Pick three or four and pursue additional information about their court cases and wins. Call the ones you are most interested or impressed by and call to see if they offer a free consultation. Go over your case with each of the firms and listen to how they intend to represent you and how they feel about the success of your case. Lastly, you should feel an affinity with the lawyer you choose and confident in his ability to represent you.

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