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You May Have a Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, there are certain elements that have to be in place to determine whether you need to hire a Cincinnati attorney to represent you. These cases always entail some hazardous condition that caused the accident, and your attorney must act to file your claim within two years for you to be eligible to seek damages. Ohio relies on negligence law to determine the outcome of your claim. You must show that the opposing party had a responsibility to not cause you injury, and neglected this duty which in turn caused your injury; and prove the extent of the damages. This might include lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering. Under the comparative negligence aspect of the law, if your carelessness contributed more to the injury than the opposing party, you are not entitled to compensation, or the amount you can recover will be a percentage of the degree of your culpability. Having a knowledgeable, competent Cincinnati attorney to represent you will ensure you reasonable compensation.

Has the Property Owner Taken Reasonable Steps to Ensure Safety?

To be successful in a slip and fall claim there must be proof that the property owner, whether it be private, retail or commercial property, has been negligent in maintaining that section of property that caused your injury. If inside the premise, was there torn carpeting, bad lighting, wet or uneven floors, or in the case of stairs was the handrail defective or the steps uneven or broken? Outdoors accidents could be caused by broken pavement, snow, ice or hazardous objects. The criteria for liability in these claims is if the owner caused the dangerous situation, did they or an employee know of the danger and do nothing to correct it or should they have known about it because any reasonable person would have discovered it and taken steps to remove or repair the danger. It is here that the expertise of your Cincinnati lawyer becomes invaluable to your case as he takes steps to prove the owner "should have known" of the defect that caused your injury and is therefore liable.

Have You Collected Photos of the Area and Your Injuries?

You have a part to play in the case by giving your attorney all the help you can in the way of proof of your claim. Immediately after the accident, write down everything you noticed about the area while it is fresh in your mind such as were there warning signs out and weather conditions. Keep your clothes and shoes aside that you wore at the time of the accident. Make notes of how the owner or employees acted at the time of the mishap; did they say anything to put themselves at fault that may help your lawyer? If you are mobile after the fall, take pictures of the area and of your injuries or ask a friend or witness to take them for you, get witness names and contact information and don't talk to anyone about the accident until you talk to an attorney.

Have You Spoken with a Personal Injury Attorney in Cincinnati?

Retain an attorney in Cincinnati skilled in Ohio personal injury law, specifically slip and fall. Rely on their expertise to prove the elements in the case to your advantage. In most premise liability cases, the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff and it is the responsibility of your lawyer to explore all possible avenues to get you just compensation.

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