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Dog Bites: Where Does Liability Lie

Being the victim of a dog attack is decidedly a scary event and in the case of the dog actually biting you, serious injuries may result. If the attack occurred in Kentucky, you have a valid claim against the dog's owner due to its "strict liability" statute. This states that a dog owner is liable for any damages to a person, livestock or other property. It doesn't limit the type of injuries the dog may have caused; they may have jumped on a person, causing them to fall down and sustain an injury. Many states strict liability laws specify certain defenses for the dog owner, such as trespassing or provocation of the dog. Kentucky's law however, does not grant that exception and holds the dog owner liable in any case. Kentucky courts have come to the conclusion, though, that pure comparative negligence laws should also apply, which reduces the amount of damages assigned to the dog owner by the percentage of fault found by either party.

Does Marijuana Use Lead to Increased Highway Deaths?

With the advent of some states legalizing Marijuana for recreational use and others allowing its use for medicinal purposes, it is easier than ever to obtain this drug. The use of marijuana impairs judgment, motor skills coordination and reaction time. It can decrease peripheral vision, slow decision making and lower multitasking skills; requiring a greater time to respond to emergency situations. All this raises concerns over the ability of marijuana impaired drivers on our nation's highways and the possible increase in injury and fatality accidents. While all fifty states consider it to be illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana, there is still no set rule as to the definition of marijuana related impairment. Some states have set a threshold of five parts per billion of THC, but most states have set no legal limit and may not even test for it after an accident. The Governors Highway Safety Association's executive director has said that while the jury is still out on whether marijuana impaired driving is a big or small problem on our nation's roads and highways, "anytime a driver has his ability impaired, it's a problem."

What About Accidents at Amusement Parks?

When visiting an amusement park the excitement is palpable, the rides, cotton candy, carnival games and most of all-fun for the whole family. You have been looking forward to this day for awhile and can hardly wait to get the day started. The last thing you think of is an accident, but they can and do happen, unfortunately. When this happens to you, the first thing to do is locate an attorney who has dealt with these claims in the past and been able to get just compensation for his victims. There are many factors involved that they will be aware of to overcome the obstacles ahead.

Off Road Vehicle Injuries

One of the fun things to do in Kentucky, due to its rugged off-road terrain, is riding off-road vehicles with your friends in summer and snowmobiles in winter. The pleasure and entertainment in this pastime bring hours of outdoor fun to many. Unfortunately, not everyone is experienced enough to handle their vehicle or they combine alcohol and off roading which is a bad combination. Accidents involving ATV's are all too common and leave their victims severely injured or killed. With more people engaging in this sport, the number of people, including children that are injured or killed is on the rise. Kentucky is among the states with the highest number of fatal accidents.

Ohio Truck Wreck Injuries

Ohio Truck Wreck Injuries

Commercial trucking companies are not going to readily admit fault when an accident with one of their tractor trailers is involved. Even when the fault seems to be clear, your Ohio attorney is going to have a fight on their hands proving that you deserve compensation. They need to be familiar with the laws involving tractor trailer operation; maintenance records, driver logs, and a history of prior accidents or incidents reports with either the driver or the company. The trucking company has access to huge resources at their disposal to try and mitigate their losses and will not hesitate to use them against you. They will have their lawyers and insurance company on the case very quickly and try to get you to sign a settlement that will be in their best interest, not yours, which is why you need your Ohio attorney on the job just as quickly, to protect your interests. The trucking company is going to try their best to prove that you were at fault but your attorney will have the experience and past success with these cases, along with extensive knowledge involving commercial vehicle laws and regulations on both the state and federal levels, to level the playing field and protect your rights to a fair compensation.

Getting the Biggest Truck Accident Settlement in Kentucky

If you or a loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries or even death as the result of a tractor-trailer collision in Pulaski, Warren or Whitley counties in Kentucky, you need an attorney with compassion, understanding, and outstanding expertise in the knowledge of the trucking industry standards and how to apply it to your individual case. Each trucking accident leaves injury and devastation to those involved. A trucking accident is more complex than those of passenger vehicles because there are more parties that may be involved, different evidence to present and higher settlements to consider due to the magnitude of the damages and injuries involved. Depending on the type of accident, the fault may be with the driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, the company that built the trailer or even the maintenance person that oversees the safety of the truck.

Getting the Biggest Truck Accident Settlement in Ohio

Getting the Biggest Truck Accident Settlement in Ohio

To get a complete and just settlement after being involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer in Warren, Clinton, Fayette, Madison or Greene counties in Ohio, you must immediately retain a well qualified, knowledgeable attorney who is experienced in dealing with the trucking companies, their lawyers and insurance adjusters. The professionals working for the trucking industry will be on scene quickly, taking pictures, interviewing witnesses and trying to find anything that will place you as the one being at fault. You need your lawyer to also be working on the case to preserve all evidence to prove the driver was at fault. They will make sure to get access to all the pertinent information such as the drivers' duty log in which he records his hours driving and resting, his route and destination; they will request all maintenance records on the truck and trailer, the size of the load to ensure the truck was not overloaded or improperly secured. They will want contact information for any witnesses to the accident and check for surveillance cameras in the vicinity that may have video coverage to back your claim.

What to do After a Truck Accident in Ohio

If you have been in an accident involving a tractor- trailer in Warren, Clinton, Fayette. Madison or Greene Counties in Ohio, the results have been devastating or may even have involved fatalities. It has left your life irrevocably changed and your quality of life impaired forever. There are so many issues that have to be dealt with on both an emotional and a financial level, that you are probably overcome with stress and worry while also dealing with medical issues, transportation, care and consolation for others, and on top of all that-the trucking companies insurance adjusters are after you to accept a settlement before you have even had a chance to assess what lies ahead of you medically and financially. You need to quickly obtain counsel to protect yourself and others involved in the accident and to advise you on the steps you need to take to get compensated fairly.

How to Minimize Your Risk of a Truck Accident

Traveling on Kentucky highways, the sight of a semi-truck is a pretty common occurrence as the economy improves and more trucks are needed to carry a magnitude of items back and forth across the nation for our everyday needs and wants. Unfortunately, with the increase of trucks on the road comes an increase in the number of accidents involving them. Due to the sheer size, weight and length of them, these accidents usually have disastrous and sometimes deadly results. If you become a victim of a tractor-trailer accident, you are entitled to compensation for any financial, medical and emotional damages caused by the negligence of another, whether it be the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the cab or the trailer or the failure to properly load and secure the cargo that is being transported. You need to obtain counsel as soon as possible to protect your rights. A good Kentucky attorney will know that an accident involving a tractor-trailer requires a plethora of knowledge and experience, along with a large amount of time, research and resources to determine which party or parties are to be held responsible, to get you the compensation you need to continue any quality of life.

What to do After a Truck Accident in KY

What to do After a Truck Accident in KY

Although automobile accidents far outnumber those involving a tractor trailer, the injuries and fatalities associated with a collision with a big rig are far greater due to the massive size and weight differences. A tractor-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds while the typical automobile is around 3,000 pounds, making it harder to maneuver or stop in an emergency. Accidents they are involved in cause serious injuries and, unfortunately, many fatalities due to their sheer size. The length of the trailer causes the driver to have different "blind spots" where they are unable to see a vehicle; too close to the back of the truck and in certain areas alongside of the truck.

I Have Been in a Truck Accident in KY

I Have Been in a Truck Accident in KY

The attorneys that represent the trucking companies involved in accidents in Kentucky have in-depth knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern the industry. They have a trucking response team to quickly get to the scene of an accident. It is comprised of investigators, lawyers and other professionals to quickly analyze the evidence and begin making a defense strategy for their clients. When an accident occurs both the driver and the trucking company are potentially liable for damages so steps are taken after any accident to reduce their liability and cost. As a victim of a truck accident you should be aware that these people on the accident scene are working for the trucking company and do not have your best interests at heart! Do not give them any statement or information that can and will be used against you. Avail yourself of the services of a reputable Kentucky lawyer that has a working knowledge of the trucking industry and has had prior experience in handling these cases and refer all conversations and correspondence to them. You should do this immediately so they can get to the evidence before it can be lost or destroyed.

I Have Been in a Truck Accident in Ohio

When it comes to tractor trailers on the highways, accidents are on the rise in Ohio and across the nation. Due to the sheer weight and size they are difficult to control, from braking to unsafe overloading to improperly secured cargo. Factor in the fact that these rigs need a lot of maintenance that they don't always get, overworked drivers with too little sleep and a seemingly unending highway, and dealing with other vehicles on the road that are seemingly unaware of the driver's blind spots; behind the truck and alongside of it or fail to signal properly in a timely manner and make sure they have adequate time to clear the truck in the passing lane. Driver error is also a focal point in accidents with distracted driving due to eating and drinking while driving, indulging in drugs or alcohol or using a cell phone to talk or text while navigating the highway.

Truck Accidents in Warren County, Ohio

When you are in a vehicle and it is involved in an accident with a truck in Warren County. Ohio, especially a semi-truck, you are at a decided disadvantage. Weighing in as much as thirty times that of an average automobile, a collision most often results in disastrous consequences. The driver of the truck needs to be aware of traffic conditions and the size of their load and the actions needed to control the truck in any given situation. The drivers of smaller vehicles must take care when sharing the road and take into consideration the braking ability and time sequence of the large trucks. Many accidents involving passenger vehicles and tractor trailers turn into multi-vehicle accidents and are caused by minor driving infractions; failing to signal properly and in an adequate amount of time, failing to moderate your speed when a truck is changing lanes or merging onto the highway or passing with insufficient headway.

Truck Wrecks in Boone County, Kentucky

As the economy improves and many states increase their speed limits, more trucks are hitting the highway and so are the instances of distracted driving. Boone, Kentucky and surrounding areas is no different. While all accidents do not end up tragically, the chances multiply with collisions involving big rigs, due to their sheer size and weight. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck involved accident on Kentucky highways, you need to contact a lawyer skilled in Kentucky motorist law.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

In Kentucky and elsewhere, the number of tractor-trailer accidents that are reported unfortunately do not include the number of injuries that occur during the accident. One accident can contain multiple injuries to several people; occupants of a passenger vehicle and the driver of the truck. Due to the massive differential in the size of the vehicles involved, the smaller vehicle usually sustains the most damage and injuries to the occupants.

Montgomery County, Kentucky Trucking Accidents

Accidents of any kind that involve motor vehicles are often traumatic but when it occurs between a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer, the results can be devastating and sometimes fatal. Some sources say that 10% of accidents on United States highways involve big rigs and due to the sheer size and weight of them, fatalities occur. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident in Montgomery County, Kentucky involving a big rig, you need an attorney skilled in the particulars of your case. There is a difference in lawsuits between smaller vehicles and trucks, the weight of the truck and the trailer must be considered along with the speed it was traveling when assembling a report. The injuries associated with a truck collision can cause spiraling medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. You need a lawyer with experience in these types of crashes, and knowledge of the trucking industry as it pertains to Kentucky law to get you the settlement you deserve. They will do their best to see that the trucking company, driver or whomever the responsible party is, will be held accountable.

Pulaski County, KY Truck Accidents

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our nation, trucks are an important part of the economy. They transport food, furniture, building materials, household goods and livestock and are the source of employment for thousands of workers. Nearly 70% of all freight shipped in the United States, goes by truck. Without the trucking industry our economy could come to a standstill. The downside of all this good is the threat of an accident; weighing up to 80,000 pounds a truck becomes a potentially lethal weapon on the highway if it is not driven, designed or maintained properly.

Truck Accident Attorney in Ohio

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Ohio, you need to contact an attorney who has specialized knowledge of the trucking industry and Ohio laws concerning such accidents. Due to our rising economy, there are more and more trucks on our nation's' highways, delivering goods of all size and shapes to increase our standard of living. They deliver everything imaginable, from foodstuffs, building materials, furniture, medical supplies, livestock, etc. Drivers are pressured to get their loads long distances in the shortest amount of time, meeting deadlines to ensure future clients for their company. This sometimes results in the drivers over-compensating and driving longer hours than regulations provide which causes driver fatigue and careless driving causing an accident with catastrophic results.

Roadside Injuries: Liability in Question

Man with cell phone on roadside by car breakdown There are any number of reasons you may have pulled your car over to the side of the road: out of gas, engine trouble, a flat tire, crying child distracting you, a phone call or maybe bad weather. The problem lies in the fact that you are putting yourself, your passengers and other drivers at risk for a serious collision and the resulting question of who is to be considered at fault. The shoulder of the road is a dangerous place and should only be used in emergencies, statistics show that fifteen hundred people a year are killed or injured in road shoulder accidents and proof of liability is illusive.


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