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Burn Injuries & Campground Accidents

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Camping out is always an adventure, usually enjoyed by the whole family, or you may be sending your child off to summer camp to broaden their horizons, either way, it's supposed to be a fun time. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen and you need to know what to do to protect yourself or your child if an injury occurs.

In the case of summer camp for your child, while offering the opportunity to explore the wild, participate in sporting events and interact with other children, their also comes the possibility of sprains, broken bones, burns and child predators. If your child has an accident at camp, who is held responsible? The camp has certain responsibilities to keep your child safe and free from harm. Premises liability theory is that the camp must do everything it can to minimize the risk of injury to your child, including doing background checks on camp personnel. However, if you have signed a waiver, for example your child can play football and they get injured, the camp can present the defense that you "assumed the risk" on behalf of your child.

The same theory applies if the camping trip is a family outing and you have signed the campgrounds waiver and an accident occurs. The court will consider the agreement as something you bargained for as a voluntary assumption of risk, releasing the campground from any liability. This is where your attorney comes in as they will have a working knowledge of what can be done for you in this case. Regardless of the waiver and your assumption of risk, your attorney can look for signs of negligence on the part of the campground, or the landowner responsibility for maintaining a property. Some waivers are "unenforceable broad" due to negligence or malicious or intentional acts by campground staff.

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