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How to Minimize Your Risk of a Truck Accident

Traveling on Kentucky highways, the sight of a semi-truck is a pretty common occurrence as the economy improves and more trucks are needed to carry a magnitude of items back and forth across the nation for our everyday needs and wants. Unfortunately, with the increase of trucks on the road comes an increase in the number of accidents involving them. Due to the sheer size, weight and length of them, these accidents usually have disastrous and sometimes deadly results. If you become a victim of a tractor-trailer accident, you are entitled to compensation for any financial, medical and emotional damages caused by the negligence of another, whether it be the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the cab or the trailer or the failure to properly load and secure the cargo that is being transported. You need to obtain counsel as soon as possible to protect your rights. A good Kentucky attorney will know that an accident involving a tractor-trailer requires a plethora of knowledge and experience, along with a large amount of time, research and resources to determine which party or parties are to be held responsible, to get you the compensation you need to continue any quality of life.

Trucking accidents may be caused by any number of circumstances with some studies showing that driver distraction and fatigue are at the top of the list; daydreaming, using electronic devices, tuning the radio or not taking the required number of rest stops and becoming drowsy and disoriented behind the wheel, commonly referred to as "white line fever." Road conditions can have an effect on the drivers ability to handle the truck; high winds, rain, ice or snow can all work to the drivers disadvantage. Improper maintenance on the truck, especially tires and braking systems, can impact the driver's ability to control the truck in an emergency situation. Road conditions and an improperly loaded cargo area also affect the handling of the truck.

There are steps that the drivers of smaller vehicles can take to minimize their risk of an accident with a tractor-trailer, to do their part in maintaining the safety of our Kentucky highways, and across the nation. Don't take chances! The truck outweighs you by far, and you will sustain much greater damage in a collision. Trucks have "no zones" or blind spots that you need to be aware of, directly behind the truck, right in front of it and on each side; move quickly from these areas so the driver can see you. Following too close behind will block your view of any obstacles or approaching hazards so leave braking distance between you and the truck. Stay well enough in front of the truck that they have stopping time in case you come across an adverse situation. A truck must take a much wider angle to complete a turn so you need to anticipate this and allow them space. Don't be a distracted driver, don't use your cell phone-it only takes a second of your eyes off the road for it to become a deadly decision. Be a defensive driver, watch for signs the truck may be in trouble; flashing lights, reduction of speed and stay focused.

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