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I Have Been in a Truck Accident in Ohio

When it comes to tractor trailers on the highways, accidents are on the rise in Ohio and across the nation. Due to the sheer weight and size they are difficult to control, from braking to unsafe overloading to improperly secured cargo. Factor in the fact that these rigs need a lot of maintenance that they don't always get, overworked drivers with too little sleep and a seemingly unending highway, and dealing with other vehicles on the road that are seemingly unaware of the driver's blind spots; behind the truck and alongside of it or fail to signal properly in a timely manner and make sure they have adequate time to clear the truck in the passing lane. Driver error is also a focal point in accidents with distracted driving due to eating and drinking while driving, indulging in drugs or alcohol or using a cell phone to talk or text while navigating the highway.

The trucking companies are aware of the potential for accidents and prepare themselves against claims by having a team of professionals which include their lawyers, on scene analysts, and investigators whose job it is to mitigate the damages and reduce the amount of compensation if the victim gets a favorable judgment. Their insurance adjuster will try to get to you to offer a settlement, which will be to their advantage, in case their driver is found to be at fault. Once you have signed, you may find out you have settled for far less than you deserved and are now saddled with huge financial bills.

If you have been in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, it most likely had catastrophic results involving bodily injury or possible fatalities. Whether it be on your own behalf or that of a loved one, retaining an Ohio attorney as quickly as possible is imperative. Evidence at the crash scene needs to be analyzed by a team working in your favor before it has been removed or destroyed, drivers log books, medical reports and results of any drug testing before and after the collision need to be located and steps taken for your attorney to have access to them. Some paperwork on the part of the trucking company only need to be kept a certain amount of time; in particular, accident reports and driver log books and your lawyer needs to act before they can be destroyed.

Your attorney will also be able to review past driver accidents, any complaints of negligence previously filed against them, results of drug tests, maintenance records for the truck, if the driver has had ample training on the truck they drive, is their CDL in good standing, the police report with the officer's analysis on the scene. The report will also contain witnesses' names and contact information to get first hand information about what happened. Proving negligence will require hard work and dedication along with a plethora of knowledge on Ohio law and readily available resources. Your Ohio attorney will deal with all these aspects of the case to get you just compensation, while you can deal with the aftermath and trauma you have been through.

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