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Off Road Vehicle Injuries

One of the fun things to do in Kentucky, due to its rugged off-road terrain, is riding off-road vehicles with your friends in summer and snowmobiles in winter. The pleasure and entertainment in this pastime bring hours of outdoor fun to many. Unfortunately, not everyone is experienced enough to handle their vehicle or they combine alcohol and off roading which is a bad combination. Accidents involving ATV's are all too common and leave their victims severely injured or killed. With more people engaging in this sport, the number of people, including children that are injured or killed is on the rise. Kentucky is among the states with the highest number of fatal accidents.

Injuries from an accident on an off road vehicle range from skinned knees and elbows from road rash, to much more severe; traumatic brain injuries, concussion, whiplash, spinal cord, and crushing injuries. These are caused by rollovers, collision with an inanimate object, or colliding with another vehicle. Product defect or unsafe operation of the vehicle due to inadequate training or carelessness also plays a part.

If you are involved in an ATV accident, first seek medical help for anyone injured, then attempt to get names and insurance information from anyone else involved or witnesses near the scene. You will need information to help the Kentucky attorney that you need to handle your case. Note your location and prominent landmarks such as trees that may have obstructed your view, information about the weather conditions may also be important. Gather information about the make and manufacturer of the vehicles involved, do not give any statements to an opposing party's insurance agent or say anything that could appear to put you at fault. Your lawyer will take all your information and evaluate your case. Leave it up to them to deal with the insurance companies to get you a fair settlement.

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