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Ohio Truck Wreck Injuries

Ohio Truck Wreck Injuries

Commercial trucking companies are not going to readily admit fault when an accident with one of their tractor trailers is involved. Even when the fault seems to be clear, your Ohio attorney is going to have a fight on their hands proving that you deserve compensation. They need to be familiar with the laws involving tractor trailer operation; maintenance records, driver logs, and a history of prior accidents or incidents reports with either the driver or the company. The trucking company has access to huge resources at their disposal to try and mitigate their losses and will not hesitate to use them against you. They will have their lawyers and insurance company on the case very quickly and try to get you to sign a settlement that will be in their best interest, not yours, which is why you need your Ohio attorney on the job just as quickly, to protect your interests. The trucking company is going to try their best to prove that you were at fault but your attorney will have the experience and past success with these cases, along with extensive knowledge involving commercial vehicle laws and regulations on both the state and federal levels, to level the playing field and protect your rights to a fair compensation.

When a passenger vehicle is involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer, the result can be catastrophic due to the disparity in the size and weight. The smaller vehicle is going to get the worst end of the deal and the injuries can range from severe to deadly to the occupants. Flying glass can cause extensive lacerations causing pain, disfigurement and may require multiple surgeries to correct. In the case of an explosion, burns can occur that result in skin grafts, horrific pain and suffering among other complications that may result. Head and brain injuries are common in any accident and more so if it involves the sheer mass of a big rig colliding with you. Head injuries range from a concussion to severe brain trauma; causing loss of speech, vision, or mental ability, sometimes resulting in permanent disability. Abdominal injuries caused by blunt force involving your stomach, liver, kidneys, pancreas and spleen can cause life-altering changes. Broken bone injuries can include an open fracture where the bone protrudes through the skin or multiple fractures that can take from six weeks to months of recovery time. A spinal cord injury may leave you permanently partially or fully paralyzed, affecting the quality of the rest of your life and those around you.

It is your attorney's mission to gather all the facts of the case and present them in a way that proves you are the innocent victim of the negligence of another. They will present all your medical bills, projected medical costs in the future, lost wages up to now and how long you will be without wages, depending on the severity of your injuries, or if you will be permanently disabled and unable to ever work again. They will show all of your out of pocket expenses to date, vehicle repairs, rental for transportation, gas to get back and forth to doctor appointments and others. In the devastating case of loss of life, all expenses related to funeral expenses will be presented. Your attorney will take care of all this on your behalf so you can deal with the trauma of the aftermath of the accident.

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