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Pulaski County, KY Truck Accidents

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and our nation, trucks are an important part of the economy. They transport food, furniture, building materials, household goods and livestock and are the source of employment for thousands of workers. Nearly 70% of all freight shipped in the United States, goes by truck. Without the trucking industry our economy could come to a standstill. The downside of all this good is the threat of an accident; weighing up to 80,000 pounds a truck becomes a potentially lethal weapon on the highway if it is not driven, designed or maintained properly.

There are state and federal laws, rules and regulations that govern commercial vehicles and their drivers. In Kentucky the State Police Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement oversees these applicable state and federal laws. A driver must have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), and are held to higher standards. They are required to submit to multiple drug tests; pre-employment, post accident, random and reasonable suspicion. They have hours of service restrictions, to insure they are well rested when driving, and must keep a record of duty log stating what they have done in each 24 hour period. They must inspect their vehicle before each trip to insure that it has been properly maintained. They have strict weight limits to adhere to so that the truck is not overloaded, increasing their braking time and that their load is correctly balanced so as not to cause the truck to tip over, or materials to fall out, creating a hazard.

In spite of all this, accidents happen and most often they are caused by distracted driving. If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Pulaski County, Kentucky there are steps you need to take after the accident. You need to remain at the crash scene, seek medical attention for anyone needing it, call the police and try to stay calm. Talk to any witnesses and get their contact information, witness testimony can help your case and even more so if they are not involved in the case personally and have no compensation to consider; take pictures if you can, from all angles to help tell your story. Do not make any statements to the police or the witnesses that imply guilt. Do not sign anything other than the police report until you have contacted a reputable attorney practicing law in Pulaski County, Kentucky that is knowledgeable in cases involving tractor-trailers accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured or someone has lost their life, due to the reckless or dangerous actions of another, your lawyer will know how to get you just compensation for your injuries and /or loss. They will go after medical bills and lost wages-present and future-repair or replacement damages for your vehicle and pain and suffering. They know what avenues to pursue in your case to place the blame where it should be and use all of their available resources to prove your case, allowing you time to deal with the emotional aftermath of the accident.

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