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Truck Accident Attorney in Ohio

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Ohio, you need to contact an attorney who has specialized knowledge of the trucking industry and Ohio laws concerning such accidents. Due to our rising economy, there are more and more trucks on our nation's' highways, delivering goods of all size and shapes to increase our standard of living. They deliver everything imaginable, from foodstuffs, building materials, furniture, medical supplies, livestock, etc. Drivers are pressured to get their loads long distances in the shortest amount of time, meeting deadlines to ensure future clients for their company. This sometimes results in the drivers over-compensating and driving longer hours than regulations provide which causes driver fatigue and careless driving causing an accident with catastrophic results.

If you live in Warren, Greene, Fayette, Clinton or Madison counties in Ohio, you need a lawyer who can navigate the legal system following your collision with a tractor-trailer and who will investigate your case in a manner that will bring you adequate compensation for your injuries, medical bills present and future, lost wages now and conceivably long term, vehicle repairs, replacement and rental expenses, pain and suffering; and in the case of the loss of a loved one, funeral expenses, loss of consortium with a spouse, comfort and mentorship as with a child, and long term loss of income if the death is that of the household breadwinner.

An experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney will know what to look for and determine what made the crash happen in the course of their investigation. Was the trucker speeding, were they over-tired, what is the length of time driving experience, and was the truck properly maintained? Other common causes of trucking accidents are improperly loaded trailers; either over the allotted weight limit or the contents are not properly secured. An overloaded trailer makes braking in a timely manner more difficult to achieve and an unsecured load can cause the trailer to overturn, thereby jeopardizing other vehicles sharing the roadway. An impaired driver, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even if the drug is prescribed, if it affects driving ability then the driver is considered impaired, is also a cause of accidents, unfortunately. Distracted driving is a large factor in collisions, sometimes brought on by eating while trying to handle the truck and watch the road, day dreaming, being over the work hour limit or talking or texting on a cell phone!

If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a trucking accident, your choice of an attorney will have a considerable impact on the settlement you receive, so do your homework. Immediately after the accident you need to retain your lawyer, as the trucking company will try to get to you as soon as possible to settle your claim. Rest assured-they do NOT have your best interests at heart, only their own financial interest. If you sign anything with them you may sign away all your rights to a fair settlement, so refer all advances to your own attorney who will advise you on your best course of action.

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