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Truck Accidents in Warren County, Ohio

When you are in a vehicle and it is involved in an accident with a truck in Warren County. Ohio, especially a semi-truck, you are at a decided disadvantage. Weighing in as much as thirty times that of an average automobile, a collision most often results in disastrous consequences. The driver of the truck needs to be aware of traffic conditions and the size of their load and the actions needed to control the truck in any given situation. The drivers of smaller vehicles must take care when sharing the road and take into consideration the braking ability and time sequence of the large trucks. Many accidents involving passenger vehicles and tractor trailers turn into multi-vehicle accidents and are caused by minor driving infractions; failing to signal properly and in an adequate amount of time, failing to moderate your speed when a truck is changing lanes or merging onto the highway or passing with insufficient headway.

The driver of the truck also has to share the road and take care of their safety priorities. Due to the size and weight of the truck, drivers should be well trained and knowledgeable about their vehicle. Drivers are under pressure to get their deliveries done on time and often are overworked and put in long hours without resting. Stress and lack of sleep can cause serious errors in judgment. Speeding and any impairment such as under the influence can also trigger an accident.

If you are involved in an accident with a big rig, the first thing you need to do is contact a lawyer well versed in Ohio law concerning tractor trailers. While on scene of the accident, do not make any statements that could affect your case or discredit your claim. Do not sign anything without your lawyers' approval as you may be signing away your rights to a fair settlement.

Your attorney will know all the common causes of truck accidents and will know what to look for. They will get pictures of both vehicles, eyewitness accounts, and file the necessary paperwork. The trucking company and their insurance adjusters will be quickly on scene to assess the damages so make sure you have someone working on your behalf. Your attorney knows how to handle your case the best way and what mitigating circumstances to look for; was the driver speeding, do the logs show they spent more hours driving than the law allows, was their any indication the driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol, was the truck overloaded or the load not properly secured and do the maintenance records show that the truck has regularly been inspected for safety?

If you are involved in an accident in Warren, Clinton, Fayette, Madison or Green County in Ohio, first of all get medical help for anyone that needs it, then try to stay calm so you can obtain the necessary information such as witnesses to the collision. Take pictures if you can or ask someone there to take them for you, don't admit any fault when talking to the police or anyone at the scene, don't give any statements to anyone; if you have a way to take notes, do it, otherwise try to fix things in your mind to write down as soon as possible while the images are still fresh. All this will help your attorney to bring the case to a satisfactory settlement.

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