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Truck Wrecks in Boone County, Kentucky

As the economy improves and many states increase their speed limits, more trucks are hitting the highway and so are the instances of distracted driving. Boone, Kentucky and surrounding areas is no different. While all accidents do not end up tragically, the chances multiply with collisions involving big rigs, due to their sheer size and weight. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a truck involved accident on Kentucky highways, you need to contact a lawyer skilled in Kentucky motorist law.

Your attorney knows that sorting out liability is a slippery slope involving multiple parties, depending upon the circumstances of the accident. Was the fault because of the failure of the company to adequately inspect the trucks or provide regular maintenance, or to insure proper training of their drivers? The fault could lie with the maker of the truck cab, or the manufacture of the trailer, or the company that owns them. Is the owner of the cargo at fault or the company that hired the truck to deliver the cargo? These are all issues your Boone County; Kentucky lawyer will have to ascertain while pursuing your claim.

Driver error is a common cause of semi-truck related accidents. The driver must be adequately trained and have logged in a specific amount of hours before going out on their own. They must not have exceeded state regulations or company policy on the amount of time spent driving, and have taken required rest stops. Is there any chance of impaired ability due to drugs or alcohol or even prescription medicine? Has the driver been involved in other accidents or incidents or had complaints filed against him for driving infractions? These are issues your Kentucky attorney will deal with while investigating your case to insure a favorable outcome.

It is up to your lawyer to file all your paperwork in a timely manner, and it is up to you to provide any and all information that you have. When you are involved in an accident, remain at the scene of the collision and check the condition of everyone involved if you are able; if necessary, call for medical assistance. Make sure you or someone there has called the police and be prepared to give a simple but concise evaluation of the accident. Do not admit fault or make statements that could damage your chances of a favorable settlement. If possible, take pictures-sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! Get names and contact information for any witnesses on scene and brief statements. The best witness would be ones that were not involved in the accident or have nothing to gain from their testimony,

All the information will help your attorney prepare your case, and they will also take on most of the details and paperwork involving car repairs, estimates and automobile rental. They will get your medical records and deal with insurance companies for you, giving you time to recover and deal with the trauma of the accident, knowing your have hired a knowledgeable and highly competent lawyer familiar with Kentucky law and the Boone County area.

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