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What to do After a Truck Accident in Ohio

If you have been in an accident involving a tractor- trailer in Warren, Clinton, Fayette. Madison or Greene Counties in Ohio, the results have been devastating or may even have involved fatalities. It has left your life irrevocably changed and your quality of life impaired forever. There are so many issues that have to be dealt with on both an emotional and a financial level, that you are probably overcome with stress and worry while also dealing with medical issues, transportation, care and consolation for others, and on top of all that-the trucking companies insurance adjusters are after you to accept a settlement before you have even had a chance to assess what lies ahead of you medically and financially. You need to quickly obtain counsel to protect yourself and others involved in the accident and to advise you on the steps you need to take to get compensated fairly.

At the scene of the accident, If you were able, you or someone there called for medical help and the police, and you participated in filing a police report, giving basic information such as name, address, driver license information, make, model and year of vehicles involved and proof of insurance, as did the other driver involved. The police report will probably include witness statements and they will have assessed the crash scene to make an educated assumption of the events that unfolded; this will be a huge aid to your attorney in processing your case. You should also get eyewitness testimonies from others involved plus any bystanders or drivers that were on scene, along with all their contact information. Taking pictures from all angles will help preserve evidence that might otherwise be lost to time and weather, particularly skid and scuff marks, their length and duration, and beginning/ending marks on the highway. Look around to see if there are surveillance cameras that may be focused on the area of the collision. Your lawyer can obtain access to all this evidence through court orders.

Your attorney will have a thorough knowledge of the trucking industry and knows that proving negligence requires an investment of time, energy and resources. They have to decide who is responsible for the negligence that caused the accident. In the case of a tractor-trailer your lawyer must examine all the evidence and ascertain if there is one or multiple parties to be considered. Was the accident solely because of driver error; inexperience, distracted, drug or alcohol related, or over compensating due to lack of sleep? Was the trucking company at fault because of lack of proper maintenance on their trucks, to keep them moving safely on the highways with other vehicles? Was the trailer manufactured in such a way as to conform to company standards of safety and reliability? Also a point to consider, was the accident because of the cargo weighing more than the truck could handle and was it properly secured so as not to shift in transit? Your attorney will sort out the facts and find the guilty party or parties to blame and get you the compensation you deserve.

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