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Motorcycle Accidents and Personal Injury

Riding a motorcycle, according to bike enthusiasts, is an exhilarating experience. The wind flowing all around you, at one with the bike and the road, a clear view of nature and the feeling of freedom, all combine to make this mode of transportation a must have for many people. Unfortunately, there is not much protection for the motorcyclist in case of an accident, such as air bags or seatbelts. Even if they have taken the precautions of wearing "leathers," pants and jackets to afford some protection from road rash, protective glasses, helmets, boots, and riding gloves; there is still a greater chance of serious injury in the event of an accident. The Ohio Department of Public Safety statistics show that 50% of riders who suffered an injury were not wearing a helmet while 26% of fatalities showed riders wearing helmets and 49.4% were not wearing them, according to studies completed for 2014.

There are many scenarios that contribute to a motorcycle accident, such as uneven pavement, defective equipment, potholes, inclement weather or debris on the roadway. Many accidents are caused by excessive speed or the use of alcohol, untrained riders, not familiar with the bike and its braking mechanism and not knowing how to counter steer; all factors in an accident that does not necessarily involve another vehicle, however, a large majority of accidents involving motorcycles are vehicle involved collisions.

An accident with a passenger vehicle and a motorcyclist has a much higher incidence of fatalities for the rider. The automobile does not have to hit the bike to be held liable for injuries, it could have made an unsafe maneuver that caused the motorcyclist to crash. The bike is also harder to see because of its size and a common accident is the auto making a left hand turn while the motorcyclist is heading straight through the intersection or was passing the vehicle. The automobile driver may have been speeding, making a lane change without signaling properly, failing to yield the right of way or exhibiting road rage.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle while riding your bike, you need an experienced Ohio attorney that has handled these types of cases with success. They will have the resources and knowledge to investigate your case, protect your rights, and get you fair compensation for your injuries. They will find out through witness testimony, surveillance cameras if present at the scene, police records, and evidence left at the scene, what really happened. Was the motorist under the influence of drugs or alcohol, were they texting or distracted with loud music or talking on the phone; or did a traffic violation such as running a red light, failure to yield or, speed contribute to the accident? Whatever the reason for the accident, your lawyer will present their findings and ask for damages for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and differences in your quality of life due to the injuries you suffered through the negligence of another.

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