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Nursing Home Abuse

If you have a loved one receiving nursing home care and they have suffered injury, mistreatment or even died; you need to file a claim with an experienced Kentucky attorney immediately.

Act Now

There is a statute of limitations that applies to any claims for wrong doings. You need help in receiving damages for the injuries or interceding on their behalf to improve their course of treatment at the facility, but it has to be done in a timely manner according to state laws and regulations.

Failure to act quickly can result in keeping your loved one in harm's way and may bar any compensation you could be entitled to. Your attorney knows that elderly residents are far more susceptible to injuries in nursing homes or assisted living facilities which is why these places are held to a higher standard of care; the professionals working there along with the facilities themselves.

Listen to Your Loved One

Always listen to what your loved one is saying about their treatment and watch for signs of abuse or neglect. Bedsores and infection should raise a red flag; these result from lack of attention by the caregivers in turning and repositioning the patient and not treating a sore when it occurs.

Many of the elderly are bedridden, watch for dehydration or malnutrition as they can't get drinks or food for themselves.

They may not be receiving a diet tailored for them, such as soft foods if they have trouble chewing. Slips and falls are much more severe for older people and may be caused by the inattention of the staff in assisting them to the restroom or other places. Restraints should be used only to insure the safety of the patient, but sometimes are used because the facility is understaffed and the caregivers don't want the bother of patients moving around.

Sadly, sometimes ill trained or just plain mean caregivers resort to physical violence to "keep their patients in line," keeping them too fearful to even tell you what is happening to them.

Contacting an Attorney

If you suspect that some of these abuses are going on, contact a lawyer that has experience in elder law, take pictures of the patients bruises, bedsores or unkempt appearance; include bed linens that may be stained and their bathroom facilities.

Talk to caregivers and other people that have loved ones at the facility to see if they have any suspicions of neglect or abuse. Most importantly, remove your loved one from the facility as soon as possible. Your case would have no credibility if you leave them in, what you claim, are harmful conditions.

Your attorney has the power to file your claim, subpoena witness accounts, get access to background checks of employees, and records of any previous complaints filed against the facility. They can obtain sworn statements from former employees as to the nature of care provided on a daily basis. If your lawyer is successful in proving negligence, they can get compensation for future medical care, your lost wages in attending to the needs of your loved one, and for the emotional distress they have suffered.

This will help not only your victim, but possibly save others from the same fate.

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