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Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice in Kentucky

The third largest cause of death in the United States is preventable medical errors, right after heart disease and cancer! They also cost billions of dollars and countless injuries. They are also hard cases to prove. Medical errors that cause death aren't always cut and dry as there are so many mitigating factors involved, and medical mistakes can blend into the routine fatalities normally associated with healthcare. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association there are 12,000 deaths a year from unnecessary surgery, 7000 deaths/year from hospital medication errors, 20,000 deaths from other hospital errors, 80,000 deaths attributed to infections in the hospital, and 106,000 non-error adverse reactions to medications. 

Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Ohio

Being involved in any automobile accident is traumatic at best, but imagine the catastrophic results of having been a part of multi-vehicles colliding with each other! The number of injuries and possible death is increased by the amount of vehicles that are involved in the turmoil. Each vehicle in the melee increases the amount of broken glass, bent steel and the possibility of leaking gasoline raising the risk of fire. If you are trapped in your car, the danger of burning or smoke inhalation is a distinct possibility. Leaving your vehicle can be just as dangerous as the possibility exists that more cars or trucks may come upon the accident scene and be unable to stop in time to avoid entering into the fray, hitting you or pushing another vehicle into you. 

Personal Injury & Car Accidents in Ohio

If you have been involved in a car accident in Ohio, and suffered injuries, you may have been able to settle everything without going to court, but if important issues cannot be resolved, such as who was at fault, and the extent of injuries involved, you need to contact an attorney who is familiar with this type of lawsuit involving personal injury and automobile claims. They will have expertise in dealing with the insurance company and be familiar with their methods of negotiations.

Homeowner's Insurance & Personal Injury in Kentucky

Homeowners insurance is not just for fire, falling trees, flooding and other disasters; but, also for injuries at home. Residential accidents that require a visit to the emergency room account for more than six million insurance claims each year. The homeowner's insurance covers personal injury to invited guests on the property. The more common accidents are slip and falls, dog bites, and swimming pool accidents. Contractors performing work on the property would also be covered for injury.


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