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Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Ohio

Being involved in any automobile accident is traumatic at best, but imagine the catastrophic results of having been a part of multi-vehicles colliding with each other! The number of injuries and possible death is increased by the amount of vehicles that are involved in the turmoil. Each vehicle in the melee increases the amount of broken glass, bent steel and the possibility of leaking gasoline raising the risk of fire. If you are trapped in your car, the danger of burning or smoke inhalation is a distinct possibility. Leaving your vehicle can be just as dangerous as the possibility exists that more cars or trucks may come upon the accident scene and be unable to stop in time to avoid entering into the fray, hitting you or pushing another vehicle into you. 

There are many causes of multi-car pileups and because of the number of cars and people involved, all denying fault, it is a job for an experienced Ohio attorney to sort through all the facts and figures to help you get compensation for your injuries and property damage. The pile-up may have been caused by bad weather conditions; rain, snow, sleet, hail or fog may have reduced visibility and caused slick driving conditions, especially hazardous on highways with a high speed limit. Speeding is another risk factor with a fast driven car coming upon a slower driven one a recipe for disaster. Trying to pass under unsafe conditions such a too near a curve or a no-passing section of road, driving too long a time and falling asleep at the wheel for even a second, distracted driving such as texting or using the cell phone, failing to observe emergency vehicles, and intoxicated drivers all contribute to the possibility of endangering many lives and a loss of property.

If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident and suffered serious injuries and loss of property, you need an attorney skilled in multi-vehicle crash suits, and the laws of Ohio that pertain to your case, to represent you in negotiations with the other insurance companies or to be prepared to file a lawsuit on your behalf. These types of accidents usually involve extremely high insurance payouts so they will be sending out skilled investigators to survey the accident scene and find the underlying cause and the at-fault driver or drivers. As each driver had a "duty of care" to the other drivers, to drive safely and reasonably in relation to highway and weather conditions, not doing so would be considered negligence-the deciding factor in a personal injury case.

The number of drivers that were involved makes it much more difficult in deciding who or how many of them contributed to the accident. One may have been speeding, one drinking, one texting and so on. Hence the problem of assigning fault. The investigators will interview witnesses, take statements, review police records and speak with on-scene officers and paramedics, photograph the area including skid marks, guardrails, trees and grasses and do a thorough investigation of all the drivers involved including any prior arrests or accidents they may have been involved in. All of this will assist your attorney in pursuing your claim for compensation.

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