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Keeping Safe During Summer Excursions

A Drive to the Beach

Ahhh, summer! The winter has passed. The warm weather has completely moved in. It's time for outdoor recreation, going to the beach, the river, the lake. It's time for that summer road trip to see family and friends. It's time to pack up the car and hit the road!

During this time of year, the sun can be a scorcher. Who wants a sunburn, right?

When it comes to summer excursions, most of us think of the necessities: sunblock, insect repellent, and some emergency cash. Oh yeah, and MORE sunblock. After all, gotta watch out for that sunburn, right?

Therein lies the problem.

Most of us believe that extra sunblock is going to help us on our journey to our summertime destinations.

While it may stop that pesky sunburn (well, mostly... if we remember to actually PUT the sunblock ON!), it will not help us to avoid the traffic and the pedestrians.

Walk, Don't Walk, Walk Anyway

If you have ever been behind the wheel of a car at the beach during the summer, you have sat there, grimacing. Possibly cursing silently (hopefully), getting madder and madder at the pedestrians as they walk carelessly in front of your car (and every other car on the road) on their way to and from the beachfront.

What you may not want to hear, is that they have the right of way. Anytime you are in a vehicle, a pedestrian has the right of way. Basically, this law governing the road is made so that someone doesn't decide that they are not waiting on that person walking in front of them, and driving through them. Even if your light is green, they have the right of way. It's that simple.

Here is what's worse; they probably aren't trying to be rude. They are just as excited to get to the beach as you and your family are.

In fact, most of them have their families with them.

This means that little kids can run out in front of your car at any second.

Yes, your car isn't moving at the moment, and your temperature is rising, but hear this - stay calm. Think of it this way, at least you are in a car, they are walking in the heat. Do you really think they planned their day to walk in front of cars next to the beach all day?

Probably not (Even though it may sometimes seem like they did).

Everyone Deserves to Have Fun

Just try to always keep in mind on your road trips, be they to the beach, a park, a concert, or any event - safety does not mean grabbing the sunblock. It means keeping your eye on the road and your mind on keeping you, your family - and everyone around your vehicle - safe. That is your priority. That is your job.

If you are not doing yours, someone else may not be doing theirs and an accident can happen. That will put a fast end to that fun day out really quick. It can also be an end to someone's life, their family, or their friend's.

Just keep your cool in the summer heat while behind the wheel, and everything should work out fine.

Oh yea... now go grab the sunblock.

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