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Planning for a Road Trip

Prepping Your Car

If you are like, well, just about everyone in America, you are probably planning at least one good road trip this summer. This isn't about running down to the beach or staying local, I'm talking about going for a drive!

The cool breeze in your hair, riding with the top down, your significant other by your side smiling, your shades on. Or a more likely scenario; sitting behind the wheel of your mid-90s minivan, the kids fighting in the back and your spouse complaining that they need to stop to use the bathroom... again.

Either case (either sure, but we know which is the real one. Yes, I'm looking at you.), one of your first priorities should be to prep your car (sports or minivan, either one - just saying).

Give Your Car a Drink

One of the firs things to check, and probably one of the easiest, is checking your car's fluids. Now, we all know that running your expensive sports car (still looking at you) all over town can put a lot of stress on the engine. That's why it is imperative that you check your vehicle's water/antifreeze/coolant level, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and the oil (and you may as well check that windshield wiper fluid while you're already down there).

Full of Hot Air

Next, you'll want to check your tire pressure. This is one of the most easily overlooked areas, and it really shouldn't be. Your tire pressure is actually pretty critical. If it's too low, your tire could blow while you are driving down the freeway. Same if it is overfilled. If your tire pressure is even a little low, it can result in poor gas mileage, actually costing you more money on gas.

*Get a spare tire just in case. (I know tires for a Bugatti are outrageous! Who knows, maybe a standard mid-90s minivan spare will work?)

It's Time to Call the Inspectors

What you need to do next, is have your battery, brakes and air filters thoroughly inspected. Yes, your battery is charged by your alternator (which is another thing you want inspected before you leave), but you want to make sure it is not close to having any blown cells.

This may cost a pretty penny by having to buy costly equipment - or, you can just take it down to your local AutoZone and ask them to do it (You may have to leave the Bugatti behind on this one, you don't want prying eyes scoping out your baby).

Other Things to Remember

There are of course a few other things you may need to remember to bring such as a flashlight (with extra batteries), a first-aid kit, a multi-use knife, and jumper cables. You may also want to make sure you have a few empty bottles with lids. Let's face it, you don't have a Bugatti, and your spouse is going to have to use the bathroom... again.

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