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I Was Injured at Work

Work place injury is common in the United States, people are injured, some seriously and a small percentage are killed on a daily basis. 

Work place injury is common in the United States, people are injured, some seriously and a small percentage are killed on a daily basis. There is a strict process you will need to follow if you are injured at work; therefore, you will need to contact a personal injury attorney to assist you in your compensation claim.

Report Your Injury

You should let your employer, or your supervisor know that you have injured yourself while on the job. Depending on the state that you live in, you will need to report your injury within a certain amount of time.

Accident Report

Your manager should prepare a company accident report. This will detail everything that took place leading to your injury. Some managers are reluctant to do this, as they are very well aware that what they write could potentially incriminate them. If this is the case, write a letter and record the facts of the accident, keep a copy for yourself and give one to your employer. They probably won't sign it, but at least you will have the facts of the accident on record.

Medical Care

Some states will require that you receive care through a doctor that your company recommends. You may not feel as if you are being cared for properly by your company doctor; however, do not use your own doctor. Your employer may not be eligible to pay for your medical care otherwise. Let your company doctor know exactly what took place in the accident. You may even want to write them a letter detailing all the information about the accident. You should contact your personal injury lawyer to ensure that you are following the correct procedures in terms of your medical care.

Follow Medical Instructions

Whatever your doctor tells you to do, do it! You may need to have physical therapy, or take certain medications, don't refuse any treatment. If you do, your employer can use it against you claiming that you purposefully refused treatment so that you could remain absent from work.

Your doctor may also recommend that you abstain from certain activities at work. These may include heavy lifting, or walking long distances.

Medical Bills

Make sure that all your medical bills are sent to your employer. You are not responsible for paying your own medical bills in a compensation claim; they should not be addressed to you. You should contact a Northern Kentucky personal injury lawyer to assist you in this area.


If you are absent from your place of employment due to a work related injury, your employer may have the right not to pay you any benefits for 3 days. If your employer does not start to pay you once the three days have expired you should demand that you are paid. If your place of employment refuses to pay you, contact a personal injury lawyer in Kentucky. You have the right to any wages and benefits as soon as they are due; therefore, don't settle for anything less than is rightfully yours. A personal injury lawyer in Covington will assist you in getting the compensation that you deserve for a work related injury.

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