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Problems With Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who represents those who have a negligence claim against an organization or an individual. They are experienced in the area of "Tort Law." 

A personal injury lawyer is an attorney who represents those who have a negligence claim against an organization or an individual. They are experienced in the area of "Tort Law." This includes damages to personal property, rights, or reputation; they handle cases such as automobile accidents, injuries at work, slip and fall, defective products, and medical malpractice. If you recognize yourself in any of these categories, it is imperative that you hire a personal injury attorney, not hiring one can cause you several problems. If you live in Northern Kentucky, keep reading to find out the problems associated with not hiring a personal injury lawyer in Kentucky.

Receiving the Full Compensation

In a personal injury claim, your opponent wants to ensure that you receive the least amount of compensation as possible, and they will pull every trick in the book to ensure this. A personal injury lawyer will fight on your behalf by counteracting any attempts to reduce your settlement.

People will undertake their own lawsuits believing that because they don't have to pay any legal costs they will end up with more money. If you are not familiar with the law you will receive substantially less than you would have even if you paid a contingency fee.

Going To Trial

Statistics show that the majority of personal injury cases never go to trial, and that they are settled out of court. Statistics also show that in the event that a case does go to trial, the jury will rule against insurance companies. Having representation from an attorney demonstrates that you are prepared to go to trial if a decent settlement is not reached.

By representing yourself, you risk not being taken seriously by an insurance company, they will assume that you are ignorant of the law which will lead to them prolonging the settlement, and inevitably paying out substantially less than you are entitled to.

If you Lose

Personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee bases; therefore, they are extremely motivated to win your case. If they lose, you are not required to pay any money. When you represent yourself, there are several costs incurred during the investigation process, all of which will come out of your own pocket.


Whatever injuries you have sustained, you have just been through a major trauma. You are going to be looking at your case from a subjective point of view that is fueled with emotions. It is crucial that your case is looked at objectively in order to build an effective argument.


Fighting a personal injury case takes a substantial amount of time. You are going to have to review police and medical records, and communicate with the insurance adjuster. Not only are you still recovering from your personal injury, are you going to have the time to really do what is required?

Final thought

If you live in the Covington area and you have experienced a personal injury, you can find a personal injury lawyer in Covington by looking in your local directory. Northern Kentucky personal injury lawyers will fight on your behalf to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

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