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Can You Sue the Dog Owner for Injury or Other Damages?

You can sue the dog owner for injury and other damages. In most dog bite injury cases, dog owners are responsible. If an owner's dog causes injury or damage to another person's property, you can sue them. However, you do not always have to take the case to court, but with the help from your personal injury in Kentucky, you can reach a fair settlement and get compensated for damages and injuries.

If the dog owner has insurance coverage for dog bite injuries, the insurance company will get involved. This means your personal injury attorney will either help you sue them for injuries and damages or negotiate a fair compensation.

When Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Sue the Dog Owner?

Only file a lawsuit against the dog owner if you have a valid case, one that you have chances of winning. If you do not know if you can make a case against the dog owner or insurance company, you can seek the counsel of your personal injury attorney. Your attorney can look at the facts of the case and circumstances surrounding the incident to conclude whether you have a valid case or not.

Can You Win the Lawsuit?

You can hold the dog owner responsible for the dog injury or property damage if their dog's behavior justifies the incident. The extent to which dog owner is responsible varies from state to state. Some states have strict laws in dog bite claims.

This means your personal injury attorney will not need to establish that the dog owner was at fault for the dog injury or property damage. These states require the injured party to answer certain questions such as whether the injured party was trespassing on the property where the bite occurred and whether they did anything to cause the dog to bite them.

Other states have instated the "one bite" or negligence rule. This focuses on whether dog owner knew or should have known about their dog's tendency to bite and cause an injury. If the dog owner knew, did they take the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of their dog biting a person?

Is Suing the Dog Owner for Injury or Property Damage Worth It?

Even though the dog owner may be responsible for the injury or property damage, you need take a practical approach to the incident. Ask yourself if suing the dog owner is really worth the time, money, and effort. For instance, the dog nipped you on your hand, causing a puncture wound for which you went to the emergency room. In this scenario, you should think twice before suing the dog owner for injury. If the dog attacked you, resulting in severe injuries, you should obtain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney in Kentucky.

Your personal injury attorney will assist you in filing a lawsuit against the dog owner or their insurance company by presenting them with documents, detailing the thousands of dollars you spent on treatment.

What Can You Get Compensated for in a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

You can get compensated for the following things in a dog bite injury claim:

· Emotional stress and anguish causes by the dog bite injury

· Loss of income due to time taken off work to recover from the dog bite injury

· Past, present, and future medical costs for the treatment a dog bite injury

· Permanent disfigurement and disability caused by the dog bite injury

· The cost of hiring a person to perform household chores, as you are incapacitated due to your dog bite injury

· The repair or replacement of property damage such as clothing or glasses the dog damaged when it bit you

· Other costs resulting from the dog bite injury

Your personal injury attorney can either help you prove the liability of the dog owner in court or negotiate an agreement in private with the dog owner's insurance company. You will receive money from the dog owner or their insurance company or both of them. If you sue the dog owner, your personal injury attorney will present your case to the judge or jury, and they will take the decision on the amount they should reward you with for the injury or property damage.

Why Settling the Dog Injury Claim is a Better Option than Suing?

Reaching a settlement in the dog injury claim is a better option than suing due to the following reasons:

· Quick conclusion of the dog injury claim

· Receive a fair settlement more quickly

· Get emotional closure and begin to move on after the incident

· Costs less

· Know the amount of money you may receive

· Settlement agreements are private

For further guidance, ask your personal injury attorney who can help you decide if you should take your dog injury claim to trial or negotiate a settlement. If you have a higher chance of winning the dog injury claim, you may want to sue the dog owner for injury or damages, but if you have a lower chance of winning the dog injury claim, the settlement route may be your best option.

Why Should You Contact a Personal Injury Attorney?

Your personal injury attorney in Kentucky can help you evaluate the settlement offer. If the settlement offer is less than what you anticipated, which it may be at first, your personal injury attorney will go back to the table to negotiate a higher offer - one that is fair and compensates you for the injuries and damages you sustained from the dog bite. Your attorney will also go over the advantages and disadvantages of going to trial vs. settling the case outside of court.

If you are looking for a seasoned and qualified personal injury attorney in Kentucky, feel free to contact Christopher Jackson Law by calling us at 859-261-1111 to schedule a free consultation.

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