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Car Accidents: Is Hiring an Attorney Necessary?

A car accident can result in grave financial difficulties. You have to deal with doctors, insurance companies, mechanic, and more. As a result, you may be left with large bills.

Sometimes, individuals may not feel any symptoms for a few hours and sometimes days after the accident. However, the condition can worsen over time and may require immediate medical attention. It may prevent a person from carrying out daily activities causing significant problems.

If you have been a victim of a car accident, you may ask yourself at this moment whether it's better to hire an attorney at this stage.

In this article, you will learn why hiring an experienced car accident attorney is essential to get compensation for your injuries.

Hire a Car Accident Injury Lawyer

You should claim compensation for car accident injuries. Whether you have suffered an injury as a passenger or a driver, you have the right to claim compensation. There are two options to obtain compensation for injuries sustained in an accident.

The first option is to file the case yourself. However, this will not result in the best possible case outcome.

Whether you settle or sue to get compensation for your car accident injuries, it's recommended to get the help of an experienced lawyer. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from hiring a car accident injury attorney.

Look at Your Best Interest

A seasoned vehicle accident attorney will look at your best interest in a car accident injury case. The attorney knows about the law relevant to the state and will provide you with expert advice and guidance.

Leverage During Settlement Negotiations

Getting the help of an attorney will provide a leverage during settlement negotiations. The attorney will ensure that your interests are protected in any negotiation with the opposing party's attorney. An experienced vehicle accident lawyer will make sure that the compensation amount covers all costs associated with the car accident injury, which include financial and non-financial costs.

Calculation of Settlement Amount

Lawyers who specialize in car accident cases know the best method to calculate the settlement amount that involves non-financial costs. They have the skill and experience that is required to calculate an adequate compensation amount. Some experienced lawyers also service to clients on a contingency fee basis. This is good for you since the attorney will be paid only in case of a successful court case outcome. The lawyer will take a percentage from the compensation amount. In this way, you won't face additional financial hardship in case the court outcome is not in your favor.

Final Remarks

Every year thousands of people suffer some type of injury in Kentucky. But the majority of people are not aware of their right to get compensation that can help them cover any financial loss, and even compensate them for emotional suffering.

An experienced car accident attorney can help get the best possible compensation.

But before you hire a car accident attorney, there are certain important points that you should keep in mind for a successful court outcome.

· You should go see a doctor immediately after a car accident injury. This is important even when you don't experience any pain after the accident. Seeking immediate medical treatment right after the accident will ensure a speedy recovery. In addition, it will ensure that the opposing party doesn't have a chance to question the legitimacy of your claim. Not seeking immediate medical help after an accident will look suspicious. No matter how minor an injury may seem, you should always contact a qualified doctor. This will prevent the defending party from raising a counter-argument that your injuries were caused due to an incident other than the accident involving the defendant.

· Another important advice when filing for a compensation for a car accident injury is to compile evidence. You should keep a record of the following pieces of evidence related to the injury.

· X-rays

· CT scans

· MRIs

· Medical bills and receipts

· Police report

· Documentation of hospital visits, missed work, etc.

Keeping a record of the above documentation will help you prove the legitimacy of the case. It will help convince the jury about the legitimacy of your compensation claim.

· You should note that the no-fault rule applies in the state. This means that you can't sue the other driver unless the accident results in a broken bone, permanent disability, or more than $1,000 in medical expenses.

· Remember that you need to submit a written accident report with the Kentucky State Police within 10 days of an accident. Moreover, you need to file a car accident injury case within one year of the accident with the time starting on the date of the accident. You will lose your right to claim compensation, if you don't file the case within the statute of limitation in the state.

· Lastly, when making any statement regarding the accident, you should limit to the facts or basic details regarding the crash. This is important since you may make a statement that can be used against you in the court. You may accept part fault to the accident or understate the extent of the whiplash injuries. This mistake could negatively affect the outcome of your case.

In case you have sustained an injury in an accident that was not your fault, you should contact an experienced car accident injury attorney at Christopher Jackson Law. We have a team of highly experienced legal specialists who can help you qualified advice and guidance regarding a car accident injury in Kentucky.

We accept cases of all types of car accident injuries. You can contact us today for a free initial consultation to know about your legal options. We can help you determine an adequate compensation amount after assessing your case. Our seasoned legal advisors will walk you through the steps that are required in fighting a car accident injury case.

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