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9 Possible Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents in Ohio

Walking is definitely good for health. It leads to reduced risk of a heart attack, obesity, and many other ailments. However, it can also lead to a serious pedestrian accident.

Recent statistics show that nearly 145 people had died due to pedestrian accidents in 2017. Hundreds more have suffered serious injuries due to pedestrian accidents. These injuries lead to serious financial hardships due to the associated costs.

Here we will list some of the possible reasons for pedestrian accidents in Ohio.

1. Accidents on Left Turning

Studies from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that one of the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents is negligence by drivers while turning left. This is because they don't usually have the right-of-way when turning left. That's why the court generally sides with the plaintiff and presumes that the driver had likely caused the crash.

However, the actual fault in most cases lies on both the driver and the pedestrian. The driver turning left watches the oncoming traffic for a break while the person looks straight ahead when crossing the street.

2. Texting While Driving

Another probable cause of injury is texting while driving. Most of the traffic accident involving the use of electronic devices occurs when the driver had been texting while driving. However, in some cases, the pedestrian is also partly to blame for using a smartphone when crossing the street. Using a mobile device when driving or crossing the street, the person becomes oblivious to the surrounding. This increase the chances of a pedestrian accident.

3. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs

Substance abuse is another common reason for pedestrian accidents. Both the driver and pedestrian can be guilty of being drunk or under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred. Even a slight influence of alcohol and drugs can cause the judgment of the driver to become impaired. This can result in a pedestrian accident.

4. Not Using the Crosswalks

Some pedestrian accidents occur when the pedestrians don't use the crosswalk to cross the street. In most cases, this is due to the negligence of the pedestrian. However, in certain circumstances, the accident occurs because a pedestrian was unable to use the crosswalk. This happens when there is construction work going on or the car has stopped at the crosswalk forcing the pedestrian to walk on the road.

5. Wearing Non-Reflective Dark Clothing

Visibility is low at night. The chances of a pedestrian getting hit increases when wearing dark clothes. This is because the driver can't see a pedestrian wearing non-reflective clothing from far off. In such a case, the passenger will be considered partly at fault for the injury.

6. Unmarked Crosswalks

Not all crosswalks are signaled. An accident is more likely to happen in case of an unmarked crosswalk. This is because it's difficult for the driver and pedestrian to know when to cross and when to wait for the traffic to pass.

7. Jaywalking

Jaywalking or crossing the street without regard to road traffic is another common cause of the pedestrian accident. Drivers expect pedestrians to cross the street at crosswalks or intersection. They don't expect them to dart out between cars or appear on the road out of the bloom. Again, the pedestrian is partly to be blamed for the accident, in case of jaywalking.

8. Speeding

Driving too fast can also increase the likelihood of an accident. Studies have shown that every 3-mph reduction in speed reduces the chance of crashes by 15 percent. Most crashes occur in roadways where the speed limit is between 45 and 50 mph.

7. Ultra-Quiet Cars

Although hybrids and electric cars are great for the neighborhoods due to how quiet they are, they also tend to increase the likelihood of a pedestrian crash. Pedestrians detect traffic using their eyes and ears both. So, quieter vehicles are more likely to hit pedestrians as compared to their fuel-guzzling louder counterparts. The likelihood of a crash increases in areas where there are frequent stops and turns.

8. Rubbernecking

The term rubbernecking means looking sideways or behind when moving forward. This is a bad practice that can lead to an accident. You should only look sideways and behind when turning. When moving in a forward direction, your attention should be in front of you. Rubbernecking when driving results in increased chances of a pedestrian accident.

9. Driving in Reverse

Driving in reverse can also be a cause of the pedestrian accident in Ohio. Drivers should be extra careful when backing up. Also, pedestrians should not assume that the driver will see them and brake.

Most often, drivers have to rely on mirrors when reversing. However, these mirrors don't give full visibility. That's the reason a lot of pedestrian accidents occur when reversing, particularly during the night.

The above list cites only some of the reasons for pedestrian accidents. There can be many reasons for a pedestrian accident. Determining the cause of the accident is not straightforward in most cases. You may need to get the help of an expert pedestrian accident attorney to know about the liability of the accident.

Christopher Jackson Law provides expert legal services for all types of vehicle accidents, including pedestrian accidents. If you or your loved ones have been involved in a pedestrian accident caused by reckless driving, you should contact us today for expert legal help.

We can guide you in fulfilling legal requirements for a pedestrian accident case. Our legal experts will let you know the options for seeking restitution. You can count on us to provide experienced legal help in Ohio. We can evaluate your case and inform you how to best gather evidence for a likely favorable court outcome.

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