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Settlement of a Dog Bite Injury Claim

To reach a settlement in a dog bite injury claim, you need to obtain legal representation by hiring a personal injury attorney in Kentucky. Once you have done that, your personal injury attorney will discuss the estimated compensation to fight for in court. Your attorney will ask the jury to award you that compensation, if the owner of the dog has a chance of being found liable in court for the dog bite injury you received.

Your personal injury attorney will come up with an estimate, but you will not know immediately how much money you spend on medication and doctor's visits immediately. You will have a better figure in mind after a few weeks pass by. Do not put a number on it immediately. Here is why you should not put a value on your dog bite injury claim instantly:

· You were not completely aware of the total injuries you sustained for the dog bite

· You did not predict the type and/or length of treatment you needed to treat the dog bite

· You did not predict the strain it caused on your personal life

· You did not account for the psychological toll that dog bite would have on you like making you nervous to interact with animals

Your personal injury attorney will collect medical documentation from the doctor to present to the insurance company of the owner of the dog. Since the point of a settlement is not to go to court, but negotiate a fair compensation amount one-to-one, it is important you have an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

When Do You Decide to Ask for a Settlement?

If you want the dog bite owner or their insurance company to settle the case and not go to court, you need to have a strong case against them. Only then, they will be reluctant to take the case to court due to the risk of getting an unfavorable outcome.

Your personal injury attorney will look at the circumstances surrounding your claim and whether they meet the state's legal requirements.Most likely, the dog owner or their insurance company on their behalf will want to settle the dog bite injury claim if you suffered from severe injuries, costing you a lot of money in damages.

You Must Have Suffered from Grave Injuries

If you got bit by a dog and suffered punctured wounds, you will be at a loss during the negotiation process when it comes to deciding the amount you should receive for pain and suffering. If you got bit by a dog and suffered from serious injuries involving physical disfigurements for instance, you will be at an advantage during the negotiation process.

If the dog owner was responsible for the dog injury and this is made clear from the injuries you have received, your personal attorney injury may be able to negotiate a higher compensation amount. However, it is still better for you to discuss all your options with your personal injury attorney before you proceed with the case.

Looking at the Settlement Amounts

Your personal injury attorney can help you claim two types of compensatory damages, special damages and general damages. Special damages are economic losses you experience after a dog bites you such as the costs of surgery or stitches. General damages are non-economic injuries you experience after a dog bites you such as pain and suffering, disfigurements, and emotional distress.

Out of these two types of damages, you can reach a settlement on special damages easily, as you can provide documents, detailing the expenses and evidence directly related to the treatment you received or the expenses you accumulated after a dog bite injury. However, keep in mind that other factors can influence the amount in damages you can claim.

For instance, insurance companies provide limited coverage, meaning you may only be able to claim a specific amount. For this reason, you need to hire a seasoned personal injury attorney in Kentucky to help you negotiate with the insurance company to give you fair compensation. If you want to reach a settlement that is in your favor, you also need to take certain steps after you receive a dog bite.

What You Need to Do After a Dog Bite?

You need to seek medical treatment immediately even if the dog bite is not serious. Doctors will examine the dog bite and give you stitches to close the open wound. If you visit the emergency room after a dog bite, your personal injury attorney can easily establish a connection between your visit to the emergency room and dog bite. Remember to take pictures of your injuries.

Next, you need to report the dog bite incident to either the police or animal control. Often, the dog owner may request you not to report the dog bite incident to the police or animal control, saying they will pay the medical bills in full. If they default on their promise to do so, you will not have any proper documentation of the dog bite incident. By going to the police or animal control, you will have proof of the dog bite incident.

If the insurance company contacts you, tell them to talk to your personal injury attorney, but never ever give them a recorded statement, which they can use against you to give a lesser compensation amount. You need to hire a personal injury attorney in Kentucky who has worked in reaching settlements in dog bite injury claims.

Get in touch with Christopher Jackson Law by calling us at 859-261-1111 to schedule a free consultation with a qualified personal injury attorney in Kentucky. If you want a personal injury attorney with experience and knowledge of dog bite cases, contact us today.

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