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Dog Bites: Where Does Liability Lie

Being the victim of a dog attack is decidedly a scary event and in the case of the dog actually biting you, serious injuries may result. If the attack occurred in Kentucky, you have a valid claim against the dog's owner due to its "strict liability" statute. This states that a dog owner is liable for any damages to a person, livestock or other property. It doesn't limit the type of injuries the dog may have caused; they may have jumped on a person, causing them to fall down and sustain an injury. Many states strict liability laws specify certain defenses for the dog owner, such as trespassing or provocation of the dog. Kentucky's law however, does not grant that exception and holds the dog owner liable in any case. Kentucky courts have come to the conclusion, though, that pure comparative negligence laws should also apply, which reduces the amount of damages assigned to the dog owner by the percentage of fault found by either party.

Ohio Dog Bite Laws

A sad fact of reality is that our beloved pets are not perfect. Occasionally a situation will occur when a dog specifically will attack without warning and cause significant injuries to an individual. There are specific statuses in place that articulate the Ohio dog bite laws and how they protect victims of dog attacks. By knowing the law, and resources you are protected by law, you will be better prepared to understand the facts about these legal cases and can receive compensation from liable parties.

Kentucky Dog Bite Laws

Although many of us love our pets, the reality exists that they can sometimes attack and inflict injuries to others. Our state is very clear in regards to Kentucky dog bite laws and how victims of dog attacks are protected and can be compensated for their injuries. Understanding some of the facts about dog bite laws and the rights that victims have is the first step in recovery from what can be a vicious attack.


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