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Proving Neck Injuries

It is one part of a personal injury case in Ohio to prove liability, particularly in an automobile accident. Your attorney will have investigated the scene of the accident, secured any surveillance footage of the area, questioned witnesses and participants involved, and evaluated the police reports. The evidence has been submitted and fault has been assigned to the opposing party. Now your lawyer must submit an amount for damages and provide proof of the expenses.

Loss of Consortium Claims in Ohio

While Loss of Consortiums are generally believed to refer to lack of or diminished sexual activity between spouses, it actually carries a much broader definition when thinking of filing a claim. It also pertains to the relationship between parents and a child, siblings and the loss or diminished capacity of a parent. The claim can stem from severe disability, loss of companionship, loss of affection, severe strain on a relationship or wrongful death. The claim is filed as part of a personal injury or death caused by negligence, medical malpractice or the intentional act of another and is intended to compensate the party that is not injured for non-economic losses such as loss of services, loss of support or loss of marital relations. These are losses that do not come with a bill or invoice but impact your everyday routine; household chores, lack of companionship or lack of marital relations.

Wrongful Death Claims in Ohio

Losing a family member to a tragic and unexpected accident is never a situation that anybody should have to deal with. However, when a tragedy like this happens due to negligence of others, filing wrongful death claims in Ohio can ensure that those liable for this type of tragedy are held financially. Knowing Understanding facts about wrongful death claims and how compassionate attorneys in Cincinnati work with you during this delicate time can help you cope during a difficult time.

Common Auto Injuries in Ohio

Whether it's a minor fender-bender or a serious collision, injuries can occur from any auto accident. Minor injuries like bruises and cuts can heal rather quickly and typically don't require extensive medical treatment while others like head, neck and back injuries can take years to heal - or be permanent. If you've experienced an accident, it's important to understand the common auto injuries in Ohio and the legal resources you have available to receive the compensation you deserve.


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