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4 Ways Car Accident Attorneys Can Help Their Clients

People usually picture car accident attorneys as trial lawyers and their sole focus directed on court activities. This, however, is not entirely true. In reality, car accident attorneys are more like legal advisors, but their job is not limited to it. In fact, they offer their clients a lot of support throughout the legal process and every step of the way.

Steps to Follow in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

While every personal injury lawsuit is a unique one, but there are some common procedures and elements that are to be followed in all personal injury cases. These procedures are to be encountered by both the plaintiff and the defendant. If you are filing a lawsuit against someone for a personal injury claim or if someone has filed a personal injury case against you, here are the elements you can expect to encounter.

Proving Fault in a Wrongful Death Claim

A claim for wrongful death is based on the statute that allows the loved ones of a person who was killed due to a wrongful or negligent act of another person to file a lawsuit. A version of this statute is present in all of the 50 states of the US. Just like any other case of personal injury, the plaintiff needs to prove that it was the negligent or wrongful act of the defendant that caused death of the victim. To help you all out there, we at Christopher Jackson Law offer specialized services to help you in your wrongful death claim. Here is all you need to know about what needs to be proved by the plaintiff in order to win a wrongful death claim.

Product Liability Law - All You Need to Know

At Christopher Jackson Law, we recognize that dangerous and defective products are one of the most common reasons of thousands of deaths throughout the U.S. To make sure no one gets away with such cases, product liability laws are enacted in each state to hold the party at fault responsible for the injuries their defective and dangerous products have caused to the users. Product liability law is very different from the ordinary personal injury laws. Let us discuss about the product liability law in detail.

Personal Injury Insurance Claim Post Car Accident - All You Need to Know

Thousands of people are involved in car accidents in Kentucky each year. Whether the accident results in a major damage to the property or an injury to the victim, it will most likely result in a claim for damages with a designated insurance company. The insurance company can be yours or that of the driver's.

How a Recall Affects a Defective Product Injury Claim?

If you are using a product the right way but it still causes an injury to you, you can file the responsible party for a defective product injury claim. It can be any tangible product and an injury of any kind. A faulty product includes a defect in the manufacturing or design or not putting up adequate alert or warning regarding how the product should be used. In many cases, where the manufacture gets to know about the defective product, the product is recalled by the manufacturer.

Failure to Warn in a Product Liability Case

If a product used by a consumer caused them harm, or injured them, the consumer can hold the manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler as well as the retailer responsible for the injuries and harm caused to them. This is possible in the case that they were unable to warn the customer of the potential of injury caused by the product.

6 Common Defenses in a Product Liability Lawsuit

A manufacturer or a seller is liable for any injury caused by the use of a defective product sold to consumers. As per the strict product liability law in Kentucky, the plaintiff does not have to prove negligence. The defendant has to refute arguments made by the plaintiff to relieve liability for injury.

Defective Product Claims Involving Medical Devices

With the advancements in modern science and technology, many people today are dependent on different medical devices to better their health and improve their wellbeing. Medical devices, under federal law, are defined as the devices that are used by medical practitioners in treating patients for injuries, diseases, or disabilities. While the entry of these medical devices in the U.S. is regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration Authority, thousands of people still get injured while these products are used by them or on them.


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